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How Can Dentists be Involved in their Profession?

Dentistry in Canada is a self-regulated profession. And with self-regulation comes responsibilities, one of which is to be engaged. Dr. Lesia Waschuk is a compliance specialist and risk management consultant from Toronto, and currently a specialist at Prep Doctors. In conversation with Chiraz Guessaier, Manager of CDA Oasis, Dr. Waschuk lends her considerable experience with dental regulatory processes in Canada to the question of how dentists can become more engaged with their profession, both at a regulatory and association level.

She walks us through how dental regulation works in Canada, and pinpoints specific opportunities where dentists can have a positive impact. She also highlights the experience and skills required, and issues a call to action to encourage dentists across the country to get involved in the future of their profession.

“Many dentists have the experience and skills to sit on [their regulatory authority’s] council. What they are looking for are people who can talk through issues that are important to the regulation of the profession, and come to reasoned decisions based on what the mandate of the organization is.”

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