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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/11/04

University of Alberta team will lead public consultation on who gets COVID-19 vaccine first. cbc.ca, Nov 3: Researchers will issue national survey to 2,800 Canadians to help health officials make the call. Read more

'Another layer of protection': Feds now recommend three-layer masks with filters. ctvnews.ca, Nov 3: ...As more research is conducted on the novel coronavirus, Tam said guidelines on how to best limit the spread of the virus has also evolved. Read more

Liberals' new aid bill faces calls for changes, and for a pause on business audits. ctvnews.ca, Nov 3: The Trudeau Liberals' latest attempt at providing emergency aid for the country's hard-hit companies and their employees is facing demands for change from businesses and opposition MPs. Read more

Coronavirus outbreak hits 15th floor of Montreal General Hospital for 2nd time. globalnews.ca, Nov 4: The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)said in a statement Tuesday night that admissions to the 15th floor are suspended and visits are limited for “exceptional cases” until further notice. Four patients and three health-care workers have tested positive for the virus to date. Read more

COVID-19 in Indigenous communities: active cases reach 500. cbc.ca, Nov 4: Active cases of COVID-19 jumped to 500 from 362 in the last week, according to data from Indigenous Services Canada. In the last week, 356 new cases have been reported on-reserve with the majority occurring in the Prairies. Cases in Manitoba doubled, while Quebec also saw a spike in cases. Read more

More funding needed to address inequalities harming COVID-19 response, AFN chief says. cbc.ca, Nov 3: …Speaking to the House of Commons Indigenous and northern affairs committee, Marlene Poitras of the Mikisew Cree First Nation said First Nations are facing chronic housing shortages, lack of access to drinkable water and poor access to health services. Read more

'I am terrified': Winnipeg doctor with COVID-19 calls for backup in fight against pandemic. cbc.ca, Nov 4: Dr. Owen Mooney, who tested positive Sunday, wants stronger public health response, people to stay home. Read more

Calgary's active COVID-19 cases leapt 331% in one month. cbc.ca, Nov 4: An infectious disease specialist says it's time for action before health-care services are impacted Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world Wednesday. cbc.ca, Nov 4: COVID-19 cases rise to 36 in Chilliwack dance studio 'superspreader' outbreak. Alberta at 'critical juncture' with more than 6,100 active cases of COVID-19. Experts worry Ontario's new COVID-19 guidelines set threshold for closures, lockdown too high. Vaccine chief in Britain hopes for positive data on 2 coronavirus candidates in early December. Swiss government authorizes deployment of military personnel to help health system hit by 2nd wave of COVID‑19. Algerian president still being treated in 'specialized German hospital' after contracting COVID-19. Read more

Canadian company's COVID-19 vaccine candidate begins clinical trial in Australia. ctvnews.ca, Nov 2: Canadian company Symvivo Corporation says it has begun clinical trials for its oral COVID-19 vaccine. The clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Burnaby, B.C. announced on Monday the enrolment and dosing of the first healthy volunteer in its bacTRL-Spike COVID-19 Phase I clinical trial in Australia. Read more

With 7 COVID-19 outbreaks, Alberta hospital workers fight to keep system from being overwhelmed. cbc.ca, Nov 3: Outbreaks at seven major Alberta hospitals are putting pressure on a system that is already wrestling with a record number of COVID-19 patients. There are currently outbreaks at two hospitals in Calgary and five in Edmonton. There are also two additional hospitals in Calgary with units under watch. Read more

Too little, too late for some businesses awaiting promised pandemic relief. cbc.ca, Nov 3: Businesses struggling through the modified Stage 2 restrictions in Ottawa say delays in accessing relief funding from the federal and provincial governments is making any decision about their future — including whether to stay open — more difficult. Read more

Winnipeg nurse with COVID-19 says health-care workers don't have enough PPE to stay safe. cbc.ca, Nov 2: Manitoba Nurses Union concerned about rationing of personal protective equipment at hospital during outbreaks. Read more

Economic recovery during pandemic slower for Indigenous people: Statistics Canada. ctvnews.ca, Nov 2: Indigenous people are not recovering from loss of employment during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as non-Indigenous Canadians, according to new data from Statistics Canada. The new study released Monday by the government agency compared the employment experience of Indigenous people off-reserve and non-Indigenous Canadians during the first six months of the pandemic using data from the Labour Force Survey. Read more

Canada's COVID-19 Alert app updated to include more precise exposure information. cbc.ca, Oct 30: Federal COVID-19 exposure notification app now allows users to enter symptom start dates and test dates. Read more

Italy imposes curfew as Europe tries to stem virus surge. ctvnews.ca, Nov 4: ...Governments in Europe are struggling to get a hold of a pandemic that has now infected more than 11 million on the continent. Read more

Finland: Europe's quiet success in COVID-19 fight. ctvnews.ca, Nov 4: Although much international attention has been focused on next-door Sweden's light-touch response to the virus, Finland has quietly succeeded in keeping infection levels five times below the EU average, with a lesser hit to its economy and one-tenth the number of deaths per capita of its Scandinavian neighbour. Read more

Coronavirus updates: Exit polls show pandemic not the top priority for many voters as hospitals sound alarm. washingtonpost.com, Nov 4: The United States reported close to 89,000 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday. Voters across the country have received an estimated 10 million robocalls in the past several weeks warning them to “stay safe and stay home” — which some Americans viewed as an attempt to scare them away from the polls on Election Day. Coronavirus cases in American children increased by record numbers in the last week of October. Read more

Coronavirus live news. theguardian.com, Nov 4: Poland reports record 24,692 new infections and 373 deaths; US hospitalizations hit three-month high; France sees 854 new deaths and 36,330 new cases. UK Covid death toll rises by nearly 400 in a day. India records fewer than 50,000 cases for tenth day after September highs. Read more

More than 61,000 American children caught COVID-19 over one week. thehill.com, Nov 3: Children make up just more than 11 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the U.S. Read more

Germany readies exhibition halls, mobile teams for COVID-19 vaccination. theguardian.pe.ca, Nov 3: Berlin expects the first COVID-19 vaccines to be available in early 2021 and has given the country's 16 states a Nov. 10 deadline to detail the addresses of 60 facilities that could serve as delivery centres for manufacturers. Read more

Tunisie : Le nombre des contaminations parmi les dentistes ne dépasse pas les 10 cas. directingo.webmanagercenter.com, 1er novembre : Le président du syndicat tunisien des dentistes de libre pratique…a expliqué…que les cas de contaminations constatés parmi les dentistes par ce virus ne proviennent pas pour la plupart des cabinets mais essentiellement de l’espace familial, contrairement à ce qui a été véhiculé dans certains médias indiquant que le taux de transmission de contagion par le covid-19 dans les rangs des dentistes est très élevé et atteint 100%.. Lire plus

‘A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response. washingtonpost.com, Oct 31: ...Fauci, a leading member of the government’s coronavirus response, said the United States needed to make an “abrupt change” in public health practices and behaviors. He said the country could surpass 100,000 new coronavirus cases a day and predicted rising deaths in the coming weeks. Read more

Brazilians protest mandatory COVID-19 immunization, Chinese vaccine. reuters.com, Nov 1: More than 300 Brazilians gathered on São Paulo's main commercial thoroughfare on Sunday to protest state Governor João Doria's support for mandatory COVID-19 immunization and testing the potential vaccine developed by China's Sinovac SVA.O. Read more

Kramberger: Leftover Halloween candy? At least some West Islanders have water fluoridation. montrealgazette.com, Nov 4: Fluoride is supplied through two West Island potable water plants but not in nearby Montreal facilities, including its Pierrefonds plant. … Quebec’s Order of Dentists reported in a 2018 position paper that while less than three per cent of Quebecers have access to fluoridated water, 72 per cent of Americans and 76 per cent of Ontarians can take advantage of this measure. Read more

Eligible seniors should apply for provincial dental program: region. oshawaexpress.ca, Nov 4: The region is urging seniors to find out if they are eligible for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP). Residents who are 65 and older can obtain an OSDCP application online or contact the health department to have one mailed to them. Read more

How can you be healthy if you're not treated fairly? Why health care in Labrador is changing. cbc.ca, Nov 3:  A lack of cultural sensitivity in the health-care system in Labrador isn't new. Anatasia Qupee, Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation social health director, says much needs to be done to improve how health care is delivered in Labrador. Read more

Canada approves first HIV self-test in long-awaited move to reduce screening barriers. ctvnews.ca, Nov 3: ...Canada follows dozens of other countries in greenlighting the technology, which has been endorsed by the World Health Organization as a tool to reduce the number of people with undiagnosed HIV. Read more

Unauthorized nicotine buccal pouches may pose serious health risks. healthycanadians.gc.ca, Nov 2: Health Canada is advising Canadians that nicotine buccal pouches (also known as tobacco-less nicotine pouches and oral nicotine pouches) have not been authorized in Canada. This means they have not been assessed by Health Canada for safety, efficacy and quality. Unauthorized health products can present a number of serious health risk. Read more

'No one knows when more is coming:' Flu vaccine supplies low to non-existent. Ottawacitizen.com, Nov 3: …The Ontario Pharmacists Association has said demand has increased by up to 500 per cent this year. Last week in a letter to its customers, McKesson Canada, which distributes vaccine to pharmacies, warned that supplies would be “fully depleted” by Oct. 29. Read more

Naloxone distribution surges in Saskatchewan amid record overdose deaths. thestarphoenix.com, Oct 30: This year the government handed out 5,462 naloxone kits through its Take Home Naloxone program as of Oct. 1, compared to 2,643 in all of 2019. Read more

John Ivison: The math of saving lives — Canada's drug battle leaves patients caught in the middle. nationalpost.com, Oct 31: Trikafta is the benchmark case in a struggle between drug companies determined to maximize profits and government determined to find billions in savings. Read more

Cost for cancer-fighting drugs triples in Canada but still no national drug plan. townandcountrytoday.com, Oct 31: Sales of medications to treat cancer have nearly tripled in Canada over the past decade, reaching $3.9 billion last year, a report by a federal agency says. Read more

Seniors dental benefits scheme: oral health of aged 'hangs in the balance'. thesenior.com.au, Nov 4: …The country's peak dental body, the Australian Dental Association, said a complete revamp of the way dentistry for older Australians is funded is long overdue and critical to "turning the tide" on poor oral health. Read more

Oregon voters approve tobacco tax hike, new tax on vaping products. centraloregondaily.com, Nov 3: Supporters said Measure 108 would reduce youth vaping and the increased revenue would help fund health care for low-income families. It passed with more than 66% of the vote. Read more

EZ Smile pays penalty for alleged misleading statements on its website. ada.org.au, Nov 2: Australian-based cosmetic tooth straightening company EZ Smile Pty Ltd, which sells teeth straightening services using clear dental aligners direct to consumers through its website, has paid a penalty of $12,600 after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued an infringement notice for an alleged false or misleading representation made on EZ Smile’s website in relation to the involvement of Australian orthodontists in its teeth straightening services. Read more

Drinks sweetened with artificial or real sugar could both be linked to heart problems. wtop.com, Nov 2: Reaching for a low-calorie artificially sweetened drink, versus one made with real sugar, might not be the healthy alternative you’re looking for. Read more

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