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How Do You Sell A Smile When It’s Hidden Behind A Mask?

Dentists are trained on the premise that everybody loves a winning smile. Yet, we find ourselves in an age when patients are wearing masks.

So how can we sell a smile when it is hidden behind a mask?

Dr. Brian Nový, Chief Dental Officer at the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund, does not believe dentists need to continuously sell smiles. He believes they can sell oral health. And in his opinion, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided the perfect opportunity to show patients that oral healthcare professionals have more to offer than just restorations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic,” says Dr. Nový, “may be remembered as the moment when the profession of dentistry had to shift gears and finally embrace prevention.”

In this in-depth interview with Chiraz Guessaier, Manager CDA Oasis, Dr. Nový presents his case for a non-restorative approach. Citing clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews and recent case studies, he outlines the options for dentists who wish to leave the drill and hand piece at home, including remineralization techniques, chemical therapeutics, the nurturing of indigenous microflora, and the P11-4 molecule.

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Minimizing Aerosols with Non-Surgical Approaches to Caries Management (PDF)


Full Presentation (54.54")

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