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CDA Oasis Roundtable – Reducing the Potential for Problems When Light Curing Dental Materials

Ever since the introduction of light curing resin composites in the early 1960s, light curing has been an essential step in restorative dentistry. However, despite decades of technological advances and the explosion in availability of devices, effective light curing continues to be an elusive and complex practice with many variables and challenges, both human and technological.

In this episode of the CDA Oasis Roundtable, Dr. Richard Price, Professor and Division Head in the Department of Dental Clinical Sciences at Dalhousie University, and expert in the light curing of composite resin materials, hosts a group of dentists from PEI and Nova Scotia to discuss some of these challenges and how they can be overcome.

Dr. Price addresses a range of practical issues including, the compatibility of composite materials, the continuing education of dentists, and what to look out for when shopping around for a light curing device.

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