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The Digitization of Dentistry

Ever since the adoption of digital imaging in the late 1990s, digitization has been a growing trend in the dental office. But in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and given the current need for greater social distancing, the demand for digital technology is now greater than ever.

“Digital technology provides tools that allow dentists to capture diagnostic data faster and more easily than with analogue methods. This ultimately provides a better service to the patient.”

Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, speaks to Mike Brost, National Director for Digital Dentistry at Sinclair Dental, about the latest developments in the digitization of the dental office. Brost outlines the key areas of benefit, including diagnosis, treatment and communication, and explains why technology is making life better for dentists and patients alike.

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Full Conversation (16.31")

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