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CADR Roundtable – Key Findings in Dental Biomaterials Research

A restoration can only be as good as the material it’s made of. And when it comes to dental biomedical materials, the science does matter. All across Canada, dedicated research professionals continue to develop and improve materials, such as dental resin composites. Their goal is to make life better both for dentists and their patients.

In this latest CADR roundtable discussion, Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, talks to three leading researchers about their recent work with dental biomaterials:

  • Yoav Finer, University of Toronto, discusses his review paper, recently published in the Dental Materials Journal, focussing on the importance of testing materials under the specific conditions that exist in the oral cavity.
  • Adrianna Manso, University of British Columbia, presents her research on the benefits of self-adhesive resin cement.
  • Rodrigo Franca, University of Manitoba, outlines his work on the degree of conversion of self-etch adhesives.

The expert panel also give their thoughts on improving the longevity of composite restorations, and introduce exciting new areas in Dental Biomaterials Research.

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Full Conversation (24.36")

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