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Managing the Use of Antibiotics in Dentistry

The two most commonly prescribed medications by dentists in Canada are antibiotics and analgesics. To put that in perspective, dentists account for 8% of all antibiotics prescribed in Canada, and 12% of all opioids prescribed in the United States.

But as we know, when prescribed inappropriately, both of these medications can have far-reaching consequences for global healthcare, including the emergence of super bugs and the opioid overdose crisis.

To address this important issue, Debby Chao, a dental student from Dalhousie University, in conversation with Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, presents a recent study she has undertaken as part of the Dalhousie Table Clinic Competition, focused on assessing the undergraduate curriculum in analgesics and antibiotics. Special thanks go to Dr. Chris Lee at Dalhousie University for his valuable and continued support.

Chao explains the thinking behind her choice of study and introduces a new resource she has developed to assist both students and dentists, and to bring much-needed attention to proper prescribing practices in the profession.

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  1. Elise June 27, 2020

    Brilliant! Thank you Debbie and John. It’s always refreshing to see Dental Student and supervisor working together to improve the very commonly prescribed antibiotics/ analgesics in Dentistry


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