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Mind Your Business – Building a Resilient Work Team

This content has been adapted from Morneau Shepell's workhealthlife.com, part of the CDSPI Members' Assistance Program (MAP). MAP is available to you, your family and team member.

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The dental office is no stranger to challenge and adversity, especially in times like these. So wouldn’t it be great if your team had enough resilience to handle even the toughest of challenges with energy, focus and enthusiasm?

If you’re looking to grow a team that can tackle adversity with greater confidence, try some of these simple leadership measures:

Showcase your own resiliency

As team leader, your actions and attitude set the tone for the rest of the team. How you handle stress will set the standard for how your team will respond in similar situations. Try to maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep your emotions in check. When facing a challenge, model your behaviour on what you expect from your team members.

Create a flexible work environment

Flexible work arrangements can mean the difference between resilient team members and stressed-out ones. By modelling flexibility, you are encouraging your team to be more flexible and accommodating in other aspects of the job.

Empower your team to solve problems

It may be tempting for you to manage every problem and conflict that arises in the office. But by encouraging your team members to come up with their own solutions you will lay a foundation for a healthier, more resilient team.

Help staff find meaning in their work

Everybody needs to feel valued. No matter the role, each team member plays an important part in the success of your business. The more you can show team members how their work positively impacts the business, the more meaningful their work becomes. And with meaning comes greater engagement and drive.

Establish a mentoring atmosphere

Everyone in the office has experience or wisdom to share and can benefit from being both a mentor and a mentee. By actively encouraging team members to nurture and inspire one another, you will create an atmosphere that promotes positive behaviours and empowers your team to take responsibility for their actions.

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