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When Do I Need to Cure a Dual-Cured Resin Cement?

Should dentists worry about adding light when using a dual-cure cement?

Today, we sit down with clinician scientist, Dr. Richard Price, to discuss what the latest research shows and why it is important to light cure your dual-cure resin cement.

About Dr. Richard Price

Dr. Price is a Professor at Dalhousie University’s Department of Clinical Sciences, School of Biomedical Engineering. He has been a teacher here and an active researcher for the past 30 years. In 1991, Dr. Price spent a year in Sweden studying implant prosthodontics and in 2001, he was awarded his Doctorate in Dental Materials from the University of Malmo, Sweden. He spends one day a week treating patients at the Faculty Practice Clinic where his focus is primarily on dental implant prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and fixed prosthodontics.

During this research-focused conversation, Dr. Price reviews:

  • Slides detailing published research where a variety of cements are used.
  • Improvements in cement integrity when light is used.
  • What happens to cured resin when sufficient light does not come through ceramic.

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Full Conversation (5.55″)

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  1. Anonymous April 30, 2020

    Does this apply to glass ionomer cements that are chemically cured when used for restorative?


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