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Blue Light Hazard: How Worried Should We Be?

The idea that high intensity light can cause damage to the eyes is nothing new. Aristotle made note of it in 360B C, as did both Galileo and Isaac Newton in the 1600’s.

But modern developments in lighting, particularly the introduction of the LED, has significantly raised the level of blue light we are all exposed to, and nowhere is this felt more than in the dental office. LED office lights, operatory lights, LED headlamps and curing light units all produce blue light at high intensities, raising concerns of potential photo chemically induced retinal injury.

So how worried should we be about blue light exposure and what precautions can we take?

In their keynote presentation, The Blue Light Hazard: How Worried Should We Be? Dr. Richard Price, Dalhousie University, and Dr. Jack Ferracane, Oregon Health & Science University, present their findings on exposure times and explain why everybody in the dental office should be using orange blue blocking shields and goggles.

“It’s a hazard that’s very easily preventable,” says Dr. Price. “All you have to do is use the right eye protection.”

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