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COVID-19 Supporting Your Practice

Dental Care During and After the Pandemic

Someday, the Covid-19 pandemic will be over and dentists all over Canada will return to practice as normal.

Or will they?

The impact of the coronavirus has not only closed dental offices in the short term, it has also dramatically changed how the dental practice operates, resulting in new protocols that may well last long into the future.

“Innovation will come out of this. New ways to address  infection control and better ways of doing things.” Dr. Aaron Burry

Dr. Aaron Burry, Public Health Specialist and Director of Professional Affairs at CDA, discusses with Chiraz Guessaier CDA, how the dental practice has changed during the pandemic. He talks about how Covid-19 protocols are affecting his daily practice, and the challenges of dealing with a more de-personalized experience for the patient.

But despite the challenges of the immediate term, Dr. Burry lends his positive thoughts for the future:

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Full Conversation (9.43")

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