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Dr. Alexander Mutchmor on the Covid-19 Pandemic

In any crisis, the need for accurate and timely communication is critical. Given the torrent of available information on a pandemic that is changing by the day, what you read and who you listen to can be vital.

Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, talks to Dr. Alexander Mutchmor, President CDA, about the role the Canadian Dental Association is playing in supporting the dental community across Canada.

Though not strictly a regulatory authority, the CDA is playing a major part in assisting the Provincial Dental Associations, and other key stakeholders, in putting together the best information possible to keep up to date with the changing times.

As the pandemic affects different parts of Canada in different ways, Dr. Mutchmor stresses the importance of referring to local Provincial Dental Associations and regulatory authorities on a regular basis.

“Communication is the biggest thing right now. None of us  have a playbook that is telling us what we should be doing.  What was right yesterday, might not be right today.” Dr. Alexander Mutchmor

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