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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/03/04

New cabinet committee struck to oversee federal response to COVID-19. cbc.ca, March 4: A statement from the Prime Minister's Office Wednesday said with the outbreak evolving rapidly around the world, the committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland will complement the work done by the Incident Response Group, meeting regularly to co-ordinate and prepare for a response to the health and economic impacts of the virus. Read more

Bank of Canada follows U.S. with half-point rate cut to soften blow of coronavirus. cbc.ca, March 4: Larger than expected cut comes amid economic concerns stemming from the coronavirus outbreak. Read more

Coronavirus: Canadian transit providers plan safeguards against COVID-19 outbreak. globalnews.ca, March 3: Some Canadian transit agencies are quietly taking steps to protect customers against the novel coronavirus that’s been sounding alarm bells around the world. Several say they have stepped up efforts to clean vehicles and stations and switched to more aggressive anti-microbial cleansers as a precaution. Read more

Health expert calls on Ottawa to release COVID-19 plan. globalnews.ca, March 3: With more people getting infected, Canadian health officials are preparing for a wider spread of COVID-19. As Mike Le Couteur reports, those plans are yet to be disclosed, but experts say striking a balance between education and not causing panic will be integral. Listen 2:08

Canadian health officials warn schools of potentially critical role in slowing coronavirus spread. headtopics.com, March 4: Canadian health officials warn schools of potentially critical role in slowing coronavirus spread. Among many tips, the Public Health Agency of Canada is asking schools to boost the availability of hand sanitizers, do away with perfect attendance awards and monitor children for signs of illness. Read more

Long-term care homes in Canada step up pandemic plans for COVID-19. cbc.ca, March 4: Long-term care homes are vulnerable to outbreaks because frail residents live in close quarters that can facilitate the spread of infections. Read more

How a Toronto hospital is staying ahead of public health officials in the coronavirus fight. theglobeandmail.com, March 3: Canadian hospitals have been hustling to avoid the fate of their peers in Washington State and parts of Europe, sometimes taking decisions well in advance of official advice from provincial and federal public-health authorities. So far, they’ve succeeded. Read more

Trudeau says government will do 'everything necessary' to protect Canadians from COVID-19. cbc.ca, March 3: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the risk of COVID-19 to Canadians remains low, but the federal government will ensure provincial and territorial health authorities have adequate resources to respond to a potential outbreak. Read more

COVID-19: Here's what's happening around the world Tuesday. cbc.ca, March 3: Beijing to quarantine travellers from South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy. ... Health officials in Canada have reported 27 cases of COVID-19: 18 in Ontario, eight in British Columbia and one in Quebec. Read more

COVID-19: Canadian scientists at forefront of global response to coronavirus. globalnews.ca, March 3: The potential for a worldwide pandemic has kept scientists in Canada at the ready and placed them at the forefront of the global response to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, several prominent researchers say. Read more

Coronavirus in Canada: Here’s a timeline of cases across provinces. globalnews.ca, March 2: Public health officials say 24 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have been diagnosed in Canada so far, with 15 cases reported in Ontario and eight in British Columbia. One presumptive positive case has been reported in Quebec. Read more

Sanitizer product manufacturers scrambling to keep up with demand amid coronavirus fears. thestar.com, March 2: Manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with an increase in demand for sanitizer products, and some third-party retailers prices are charging exhorbitant prices, as fears of the novel coronavirus continue to grow. Read more

Coronavirus pandemic plans kicked into high gear, says public health officer. cbc.ca, Feb 28: Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says federal, provincial and community health officials have kicked into high gear to prepare for wider transmission of the coronavirus. Watch 10:12

What's next for Canada if the WHO calls COVID-19 a pandemic? cbc.ca, Feb 29: As global tensions mount over the spread of COVID-19, Canada is crafting its own plan to respond to what could become a pandemic. Read more

Toronto doctor sounds alarm about medical mask shortage amid fears of COVID-19. cbc.ca, Feb 28: A Toronto doctor is warning that a shortage of medical masks in the city could negatively affect the health of patients coming into clinics — as experts continue to try to spread the message that buying the masks won't protect people from COVID-19. Read more

Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports. who.int, March 3: Situation report - 43. Read more

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. who.int: Latest updates. Read more

Shortage of personal protective equipment endangering health workers worldwide. who.int, March 3: WHO calls on industry and governments to increase manufacturing by 40 per cent to meet rising global demand. Read more

Shortage of face masks impacting dentists, suppliers. wcti12.com, March 3: Although health experts say face masks are not effective in protecting against the coronavirus, people around the world are purchasing the masks in an effort to keep themselves safe. Dentists and hygienists in eastern North Carolina say the surge in mask purchases may cause issues for them, as masks are required for them to do their jobs. Read more

COVID-19: Here's what's happening around the world Wednesday. cbc.ca, March 4: Sick people in South Korea wait for beds; Italian media say schools closing for 2 weeks. Read more

Coronavirus: 5 ways to put evidence into action during outbreaks like COVID-19. theconversation.com, March 3 [OPINION]: Health crises like the current COVID-19 outbreak have the potential to affect large numbers of people and disrupt health systems. The urgency and scale of a health crisis often mean that life-saving decisions about treatment and containment must be made quickly. To ensure the best care for those infected and to limit transmission, it’s crucial that those decisions be based on evidence from research. Read more

Why public health officials sound more worried about the coronavirus than the seasonal flu. theconversation.com, March 3: With so many fewer cases than the flu, what explains the dramatic response to COVID-19 and worry around the globe? And how would a person know whether seasonal influenza-like symptoms are COVID-19? As an epidemiologist, here’s how I look at these questions. Read more

Predicting the coronavirus outbreak: How AI connects the dots to warn about disease threats. theconversation.com, March 3: Canadian artificial intelligence firm BlueDot has been in the news in recent weeks for warning about the new coronavirus days ahead of the official alerts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Read more

Tensions rise as U.S. death toll from coronavirus reaches 9. ctvnews.ca, March 4: Tensions over how to contain the coronavirus escalated in the United States as the death toll climbed to nine and lawmakers expressed doubts about the government's ability to ramp up testing fast enough to deal with the crisis. Read more

A lack of paid sick leave in U.S. will make outbreak worse. washingtonpost.com, March 3: The roughly 1 in 4 U.S. workers with no paid sick time are more likely to work while ill, data show, exposing colleagues and customers, and extending the outbreak’s reach. Read more

Delayed U.S. response to coronavirus could have serious consequences, health experts say. cbc.ca, March 3: More than 100 cases confirmed across the U.S., with current death toll at 6. Read more

L'épidémie de coronavirus prend de l'ampleur en Iran. ici.radio-canada.ca, 3 mars : La République islamique d'Iran a déclaré 835 nouveaux cas de COVID-19 mardi, une augmentation quotidienne sans précédent depuis que le gouvernement a reconnu un premier cas il y a 13 jours. Elle en avait signalé 523 lundi. Lire plus

Ontario’s Dentists Asking for $50 million Investment in Kids’ Dental Program. oda.ca, March 2: The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) has made a formal request to the provincial government to fix its dental program for children with a $50 million investment. The money is to support Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) which provides care to kids under the age of 17 from low-income families. Read more

Diane Thom: Promoting Importance of Oral Health. gov.nt.ca, March 3 [Ministers' Statement and Speeches]:. ... Mr. Speaker, research shows that starting good oral health practices in early childhood will ensure that children will continue to practice brushing and flossing as part of their daily routine. This is why we partnered with the NWT Literacy Council to provide parents with a brushing song book that they can sing along with their children aged one to four. Read more

Ministry of Health Amendments to Oral Health Regulations in Force. cdsbc.org, Feb 26: On February 24, the Ministry of Health announced that the amended oral health regulations for dental hygienists, dental technicians, denturists and dentists were deposited with the registrar of regulations and are now in force. Read more

Lettre d'opinion du président de l'ACDQ | La santé dentaire des Québécois entre les mains du gouvernement. acdq.qc.ca, 26 février : Les 4300 dentistes du Québec que je représente en ont ras-le-bol de porter à bout de bras le régime public de soins dentaires; le désengagement de près de 1400 dentistes de la Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) en est la preuve. Lire plus

Olds dentist one of 15 detained in Ethiopia. stalberttoday.ca, March 2: Olds dentist Dr. Jared Ord is one of 13 Canadian aid workers being held in Ethiopia, his wife said Monday. … “As of right now they are being investigated on allegations that they were practicing medicine without permission and had dispensed expired medication.” Read more

Canadian humanitarians detained in Ethiopia granted bail. theglobeandmail.com, March 3: Thirteen Canadian humanitarians who were detained in Ethiopia over allegations they were practising medicine without permission and dispensing expired medication have been granted bail. Read more

Nunavut's money is misallocated in 'cookie cutter approach' to budgeting, MLA says. cbc.ca, Feb 28: Nunavut's "inaccurate" budgets are being "recycled" from year to year, leaving some programs and departments in deficits and others with a surplus, the MLA for Iqaluit-Manirajak says. Read more

More input on water fluoridation. thewhig.com, March 3: Kingston city council appears to have moved quickly from exploring and investigating the feasibility of fluoridating our water to voting soon on the issue. This is a startling development given that in three past municipal referendums, the majority of Kingston voters opposed municipal water fluoridation. This issue is simply too important to rush. Read more

Public health endorses fluoridating Kingston's drinking water. thewhig.com, Feb 28: Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Public Health has officially endorsed the idea of adding fluoride to Kingston’s drinking water to help reduce tooth decay in the city. Read more

Dr. Schwartz Receives CDA Distinguished Service Award. mcgill.ca, Feb 27: Dentistry Professor Emeritus Dr. Melvin Schwartz, has been recognized by the Canadian Dental Association with the prestigious Distinguished Service Award. The award is given to dental professionals who demonstrate outstanding contributions to dentistry and committed service over the years. Read more

Dentistry Student Receives Whole Mouth Health Colgate Award. mcgill.ca, Feb 27: DMD IV student Adam Dadoun was recognized with the Whole Mouth Health Colgate Award for the thoroughness of his dental evaluation and treatment plan, consideration of cultural and socioeconomic factors, preventative evaluation and recommendations for patient outcomes. Read more

Saskatoon dentist wins $240K settlement against employees who trashed him on RateMD. thestarphoenix.com, March 3: The anonymous reviews, posted between March 2017 and April 2018, contained unsubstantiated accusations of poor or unethical practice at Houseman’s clinic, which he runs in City Park along with two other partners, one of whom is his father. Read more

Shortage of face masks impacting dentists, suppliers. wcti12.com, March 3: Although health experts say face masks are not effective in protecting against the coronavirus, people around the world are purchasing the masks in an effort to keep themselves safe. Dentists and hygienists in eastern North Carolina say the surge in mask purchases may cause issues for them, as masks are required for them to do their jobs. Read more

UK dental wholesaler says supplies are strained in face of coronavirus. dentistry.co.uk, March 4: A dental supply company has stopped accepting orders from the general public in response to increasing demands sparked by coronavirus. Dental Sky is only processing orders for face masks and hand gels from dentists. Read more

Recently published WHO implementation manual maps positive path to combat early childhood caries. fdiworlddental.org, Feb 24: The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Oral Health Programme recently unveiled a new implementation manual called Ending Childhood Dental Caries. FDI stands with WHO to curb the burden of early childhood caries (ECC) and supports their recommendations on ECC prevention and control. Read more

A healthier future means tackling shared risk factors for oral disease and obesity. fdiworlddental.org, March 4: March 4 marks World Obesity Day, which calls for more comprehensive solutions, treatment, and collective responsibility for addressing this global epidemic.A unified strategy is necessary to build commitment for action and make oral health and obesity priorities in global public health and development agendas.. Read more

FDI tells WHO that oral health must be integrated into strategies addressing other diseases. fdiworlddental.org, Feb 26: As a non-state actor in official relations with WHO, FDI delivered three statements, pressing for further commitments on oral health. Read more

Walmart may start nationwide initiative, potentially changing how millions get healthcare. cbs12.com, March 3: … Walmart is testing out a new health center. If successful, Walmart may expand its initiative across the United States, potentially upending the way millions of Americans receive medical care. Read More

Study Explores Sexual Harassment at AADR Conferences: First Of Its Kind From A Biomedical Research Membership Organization. iadr.org, March 3: The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) released findings of a new research study, “Survey of Dental Researchers’ Perceptions of Sexual Harassment at AADR Conferences: 2015-2018” in the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). Read more

Colgate-Palmolive $1M Gift to Support Care Center for Persons with Disabilities, Establish Innovation Laboratory. dental.upenn.edu, Feb 26: Through the Innovation Laboratory, to be embedded within the Center, Colgate experts will work side by side with Penn Dental Medicine faculty, students, and researchers throughout the University of Pennsylvania to assess needs and develop and refine new dental products that facilitate optimal dental care for patients with disabilities. Read more

Vaping bill passes House. ada.org, March 2: The U.S. House of Representatives Feb. 28 passed a comprehensive bill designed to address the youth tobacco epidemic. Read more

Xpress DDS Announces New Emergency TeleDentistry Platform. prnewswire.com, March 4 [Blountstown, Fla]: …  This cutting-edge TeleDentistry platform routes hospital dental emergency patients to a tablet kiosk designed to provide immediate care and treatment from a virtual licensed Dentist, supported by referral and scheduling assistance at a local brick and mortar dental office. Read more

The Opioid Crisis and Dentistry: Alternatives for the Management of Acute Post-Operative Dental Pain. oralhealthgroup.com, March 3: The dental profession represents a significant player in the future trajectory of the current opioid crisis. Exercising sound clinical judgement and adhering to evidence-based principles of pain management are essential. The aim of the present report is to review the current landscape of the opioid crisis and present evidence-based acute pain management strategies in dentistry. Read more

Dental teams could play an important role in early diagnosis of type 2 and pre-diabetes. medicalxpress.com, March 4: The systematic review, led by researchers in the University of Birmingham, found that using risk assessment tools such as patient questionnaires and point of care blood testing within a dental surgery setting could lead to better outcomes for patients and improved management of the condition. Read more

The microbes in your mouth, and a reminder to floss and go to the dentist. agsci.source.colostate.edu, March 2: Most people know that good oral hygiene – brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits – is linked to good health. Colorado State University microbiome researchers offer fresh evidence to support that conventional wisdom, by taking a close look at invisible communities of microbes that live in every mouth. Read more

Cannabis Beats Toothpaste In Preliminary Study. vaporvanity.com, March 4: A new, preliminary study found that cannabinoids, compounds naturally found in cannabis, could prevent cavities and gum disease more effectively than most widely available toothpastes—but don’t stop brushing yet. Read more

Vaping Changes Oral Microbiome, Increasing Risk for Infection. nyu.edu, Feb 26: NYU College of Dentistry Study Finds Different Bacteria in the Mouths of E-cigarette Users, Smokers, and Non-smokers. Read more or Read the study

Oral Health 2019: Annual Survey Results. oralhealthgroup.com, Feb 28: Respondents report rather good oral health, hygiene and lifestyle habits with the last marking improvement in 50% of the cases. But what are the actual numbers behind these self-reported good results? Read more

The microbes in your mouth, and a reminder to floss and go to the dentist. sciencedaily.com, March 2: Colorado State University microbiome researchers offer fresh evidence to support that conventional wisdom, by taking a close look at invisible communities of microbes that live in every mouth. Read more

Anti-evolution drug could stop antibiotic resistance. phys.org, March 3: The spread of antibiotic resistance is partly due to the ability of bacteria to pick up DNA from their surroundings. A new study, which started at the University of Groningen, showed that drugs blocking this ability (which is called 'competence') in the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae can indeed stop the spread of resistance in mice. Read more

Vaping bans are ineffective, experts report. medicalxpress.com, March 4: Vaping products have contributed to a decline in cigarette smoking but have increased the number of middle and high school students who are addicted to nicotine—a problem that can only be effectively addressed through regulation of advertising. Read more

Molecule found in oranges could reduce obesity and prevent heart disease and diabetes. mediarelations.uwo.ca, March 2: Researchers at Western University are studying a molecule found in sweet oranges and tangerines called nobiletin, which they have shown to drastically reduce obesity and reverse its negative side-effects. But why it works remains a mystery. Read more

Ontario set to announce $20-million boost to give greater access to mental-health therapy programs. globeandmail.com, Mar 2: The Ontario government will spend $20-million to increase access to publicly funded talk therapy, the latest signal that provinces are recognizing the growing need for free access to an effective treatment for mental illness. Read more

Toronto hospital trial allows patients to see their medical records — and control who else sees them too. thestar.com, March 4: The key part of the project, which is in the trial stages, is a mobile phone app which allows patients to control who sees their data and when. Read more

Alberta doctors say budget figure a deep salary cut when fee changes kick in. theglobeandmail.com, Feb 29: Dr. Christine Molnar says the reduction is compounded by the fact the province has cancelled the master agreement with the association and can now raise or lower billing fees with no consultation. Read more

'Significant capacity issues' found in Saskatoon, Regina emergency rooms: report. nationalpost.com, Feb 28: The Saskatchewan Health Authority says increased demand and inefficiencies are to blame for congestion in the province’s busiest emergency rooms. Read more

National Medicare’s future could be on the line in B.C. court decision. thespec.com, Feb 28 [OPINION]: It doesn’t have to be a choice between public and private — there are other options available. Read more

B.C. can’t be punished by feds if private health care wins case: lawyer. ifpress.com, Feb 28: Robert Grant said Ottawa would invite a legal case of its own by denying transfer payments to B.C. and going against any ruling in favour of his client, a surgeon who is challenging a provincial law aimed at maintaining single-tier health care. Read more

Why next head of Canada's medical association wants to add northern view. cbc.ca, Feb 29: Dr. Katharine Smart says she wants to bring a northern perspective to her new role next year. Read more

The U.S. Obesity Rate Now Tops 40%.usnews.com, Feb 27: Although the increase was not significant between 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, the new data represents a failure to meet the federal government's public health goals set for this year. Read more

Provincial vape tax gift to black market, says legal cannabis industry. calgaryherald.com, March 3: Alberta’s incoming 20 per cent tax on vape cartridges poses a boon for a still strong black market, say legal cannabis retailers. Read more

A list of vaping regulations across Canada. nationalpost.com, Feb 28: Several provinces and territories have taken steps to curb the use of vaping products among youth. Here is a list of the measures they’ve put in place. Read more

'A desperate act': Imperial Tobacco Canada under fire for 'misinformation' ad campaign. cbc.ca, Feb 29 [Second Opinion]: A major Canadian tobacco company has come under fire for a national advertising campaign that appears to downplay the risks of vaping and accuse the media and anti-tobacco groups of intentionally spreading false information. Read more

Alberta budget 2020: Province slaps 20 per cent tax on vaping products. edmontonjournal.com, Feb 27: Vaping products in Alberta will be slapped with a 20 per cent tax in an effort to curb teen vaping, the provincial government announced in Budget 2020 Thursday. Read more

'False fears' about vaping stopping smokers using e-cigs - UK report. theguardian.pe.ca, March 4: More than half of UK smokers now wrongly believe that nicotine-containing "vapes" or e-cigarettes are as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes and these "false fears" are preventing smokers from switching. Read more

Feds announce funding to reduce prescribed opioid use. thestarphoenix.com, March 3: Health Canada has awarded the University of Saskatchewan more than $1.7 million over the next three years to test a novel model wherein pharmacists will provide chronic pain medication to patients whose opioid use could be tapered down. Read more

'Fatal overdose': Naloxone won't reverse the effects of new drug found in Halton Region. theip.ca, Feb 28: Halton Police have been made aware of a novel substance after a fatal overdose in Halton Region. Police said the substance is etizolam, a synthetically manufactured benzodiazepine derivative similar to Xanax, but far more potent. When combined with opioids, etizolam has contributed to an increasing number of overdoses in the province. Read more

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March 19-20: Academy of Osseointegration 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Read more

March 18-21: IADR/AADR/CADR General Session – Washington, D.C. Read more

March 19-21: The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more

April 2-4: The 2020 Manitoba Dental Association & Canadian Dental Association Convention –Seeing Dentistry Clearly, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

May 7-9: Ontario Dental Association ASM20 Annual Spring Meeting, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 14-16: California Dental Association (CDA) – Presents the Art & Science of Dentistry, Anaheim, California. Read more

May 21-23: Alberta Dental Association & College, Alberta Wellness Summit, in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more

May 29-June 2: Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

September 1-4: FDI World Dental Congress in Shanghai, China. Read more

September 10-12: California Dental Association (CDA) – Presents the Art & Science of Dentistry, in San Francisco, CA. Save the date

October 1-3: Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics 28th Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

October 4: North West Dental Exposition in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more

October 15-18: American Dental Association ADA FDC 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Read more


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CRYSTAL™ Enters the Natural Teeth Whitening Category. prnewswire.com, March 2: CRYSTAL is now bringing innovation into the oral care whitening category with the launch of True Minerals™, a naturally formulated mineral-enriched teeth whitening line providing a safe alternative to harsh strips & trays. Read more

Colgate toothpaste goes vegan. cnn.com, Feb 27: Colgate has unveiled a line of vegan, gluten-free products that have no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. It may sound like the latest natural food trend ... but the products are toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrushes. Read more

SureSmile learning app honored with AXIS Award for Learning Technology (Dentsply Sirona). me.dental-tribune.com, Feb 25: “…we’ve conceptualized SureSmileU, an app that provides on-demand learning for our digital orthodontic solution and that helps our employees to provide efficient customer support at the highest standard.” To improve the learning experience for users and employees alike, SureSmileU features artificial intelligence allowing the content to adapt flexibly to individual learners’ needs. Read more

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