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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2019/11/28

Hajdu Eyes Pharmacare In New Role. country1053.ca, Nov 25: Now that she’s the federal Health Minister, Patty Hajdu hopes to get moving on universal drug coverage. The Thunder Bay-Superior North MP seems optimistic, noting the Trudeau Liberals already took some steps toward universal drug coverage during their first term. ... Hajdu also isn’t opposed to looking at universal dental care, although she admits it is too early in her mandate to commit to that. Read more

B.C. open to public coverage of dental care, but not without federal funding: finance minister. globalnews.ca, Nov 25: The B.C. government is intrigued by the idea of rolling dental care into the health care system but insists the federal government would need to substantially help with funding. Read more

Saskatchewan Residents struggling financially receive free dental treatment. saskatoon.ctvnews.ca, Nov 24: The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan held an event on Saturday offering free dental services to people not able to afford dental care. Read more

Dentistes : prix et traitements font grincer des dents. ici.radio-canada.ca, 26 novembre : Recevoir sa facture après un rendez-vous dentaire est toujours une surprise, car les tarifs ne sont pas affichés. En plus, les plans de traitements varient énormément d’un dentiste à l’autre. Lire plus

Ontario Launches Free Routine Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors. news.ontario.ca, Nov 20: The government is investing approximately $90 million annually for the new Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP), which will provide free routine dental care for eligible low-income seniors across the province. In doing so, the government expects to reduce the number of dental-related emergency department visits, helping to end hallway health care. Read more

Province urged to 'adequately fund' public dental programs. toronto.com, Nov 24: Ontario has programs for children, families, people with disabilities and those with complex medical conditions. Sadly, however, these programs have been severely underfunded for the past 15 years. This puts the health of many Ontarians at risk. Read more

Free dental program expands for Metro Vancouver low-income and homeless people. globalnews.ca, Nov 20: When it's a struggle just to afford the necessities of life dental care is often neglected. That's why the Union Gospel Mission is expanding a program to provide oral healthcare to those well beyond the downtown east side. Read more

Meet the new cabinet. theglobeandmail.com, Nov 21: A quick look at the veterans as well as some fresh faces that will be calling the shots in Canada’s newly sworn in minority government. Read more

Trudeau dévoile son nouveau Cabinet sous le signe de la collaboration. ici.radio-canada.ca, 20 novembre : Ce sont 36 ministres – 18 femmes et 18 hommes – qui ont été présentés mercredi après-midi, le Cabinet sera donc légèrement plus imposant qu’avant le déclenchement des élections fédérales. Read more

ADA scrutinizes proposed fluoride hazard rating. ada.org, Nov 21: The ADA affirmed its support of the safety of community water fluoridation by sending comments Nov. 19 to National Toxicology Program officials about the draft monograph from the federal agency that postulates that fluoride is “presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans.” Read more

ADA supports oral health literacy legislation – HR 4678 calls for HRSA to develop a nationwide campaign. ada.org: Nov 19: The American Dental Association is applauding Congress for introducing legislation aimed at improving oral health literacy. Read more

Chicago Tribune names American Dental Association top workplace. ada.org, Nov 25: Since 2010, the newspaper has used employee surveys to determine the top small, midsize and large workplaces in the Chicago area. This year, the ADA ranked 47th on the list of midsize companies, which included those with 250 to 999 employees. Read more

Health system must better address Indigenous dental health. miragenews.com, Nov 22: The AMA has released its Indigenous Health Report Card 2019 and says the nation’s health system is failing Indigenous communities. Read more

Study: Juneau’s lack of fluoride has increased cavities in children. stockdailydish.com, Nov 23: Alaska’s capital stopped fluoridating its tap water about 12 years ago, and a new study says Juneau’s children are paying a price. Read more

American Association of Endodontists Underscores Recommendations on Endodontic Competency and Treatment Standards. newswise.com, Nov 26: Furthering its goal to advance the best patient care, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) distilled its white papers on competency and treatment standards into executive summaries that provide key recommendations and directives to guide the insurance industry, state boards, and other communities of interest to support appropriate endodontic care. Read more

Expanding the Oral Health Workforce to Promote Overall Health: Minnesota Deploys Community Health Workers and Dental Therapists to Advance Equity. nashp.org, Nov 25: Minnesota is working to increase access and advance oral health equity through the adoption of emerging health professionals, including community health workers (CHWs) and dental therapists (DTs) and advanced dental therapists (ADTs). Read more

Dental Care Providers Explore Legislative Fixes To Address Lack of Access. wlrn.org, Nov 19: Some Florida dentists, hygienists, students and advocates are promoting a legislative proposal to create a new tier of providers who could offer routine procedures to people who lack access to oral health care. Read more

The Alaska Model of Dental Therapy. dimensionsofdentalhygiene.com, Nov 20 [Perspectives]: The success of the dental health aide therapist has ignited its expansion across native communities in the United States. Read more

Make dental care a health-care benefit. progressive.org, Nov 20 [OP-ED]: Dental care is not a luxury—it is essential for overall health. Read more

Cancer prevention vaccine a hard sell for some North Texas parents. dallasnews.com, Nov 19: … a major reason for the low vaccination rates is that parents don’t believe the [HPV] vaccine is necessary, according to new research Read more

Digital advances in dentistry: Practicing skills with a simulator, creating 3D-printed crowns. courant.com, Nov 22: Weinstein says UConn is one of only “two or three” dental schools in the country to have the Nissin simulators, which she says allow residents to practice drilling and other skills on virtual teeth instead of plastic ones. Read more

Eliminate restrictions preventing cannabis research. policyoptions.irpp.org, Nov 22: The industry needs scientific data to develop intelligently, and that can’t happen until political and professional biases are uprooted. Recreational cannabis markets are opening up across North America. Yet restrictions on university cannabis research remain. Read more

‘Don’t Know Why People Are Using It’: Philly Dentist Warning About Dangers Linked To Popular Charcoal Toothpaste. philadelphia.cbslocal.com, Nov 25: There is a renewed warning from a Philadelphia dentist about dangers linked to a popular type of toothpaste. Charcoal toothpaste is the hot new thing — all-natural whitening — and it’s especially big with millennials and on social media. Read more

The evolution of neuroscience as a research. eurekalert.org, Nov 20: In the JDR Centennial article “The Evolution of Neuroscience as a Research Field Relevant to Dentistry,” Koichi Iwata, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan and Barry Sessle, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada review many of the novel insights that have been gained through neuroscience research into the neural basis of these functions and their clinical relevance to the diagnosis and management of pain and sensorimotor disorders. Read more

Oral biofilm: A concern for all dental professionals. eu.dental-tribune.com, Nov 22: Prof. Thomas Beikler is an expert in the field of preventive dentistry with a special interest in microbiology and immunology of oral diseases. In an interview with Dental Tribune International, he shared his view on the current state of oral biofilm management. Read more

Chewing gum after meals could help you avoid tooth decay by producing more saliva and washing away harmful germs (but scientists say it must be sugar-free). dailymail.co.uk, Nov 19: Scientists looked at 12 studies dating back 50 years to come to their conclusion. Works by producing more saliva which rinses away acid that forms when we eat. Artificial sweeteners also trigger immune response that kills off harmful bacteria. Read more

New Podcast Series Reconnects Dental Health With Overall Health. lelezard.com, Nov 20: The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) hopes to change that with its new integrative health podcast series Word of Mouth. Read more

Antibiotic rods designed to "stick it" to gum disease. newatlas.com, Nov 25: … scientists at Germany's Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg have developed flexible polymer rods that are inserted in a patient's gingival pocket. The biodegradable rods are loaded with an antibiotic known as minocycline, contained within a carrier material called magnesium stearate. Once inserted, the medication is gradually released directly into the affected area, as the rod gets harmlessly broken down by the body. … The technology is being developed by Fraunhofer spinoff company PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals, and could be on the market within a few years. Read more

Using artificial intelligence to determine whether immunotherapy is working. healthmedicinet.com, Nov 25: Scientists from the Case Western Reserve University digital imaging lab, already pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict whether chemotherapy will be successful, can now determine which lung-cancer patients will benefit from expensive immunotherapy. Read more

Pharmacists want to prescribe more medication for minor ailments. cbc.ca, Nov 25: The Pharmacists Advisory Board for Ontario will be making recommendations to the provincial government of what additional services pharmacists in the province should be providing. Read more

Il manque 1400 médecins au Québec. tvanouvelles.ca, 25 novembre : Il manque présentement 1417 médecins au Québec, une situation « critique » qui risque de prolonger les délais d’attente et causer des bris de services à court terme. Read more

Your electronic health data: Understanding the different records, systems and how they connect. theconversation.com, Nov 20: A single sign-in to a complete and detailed record is an ideal digital health future. But there are a lot of different ideas about how best to get there and many challenges that remain. Read more

Connecting the dots: The future of health care in Ontario. stcatharinesstandard.ca, Nov 20 [OPINION]: Electronic health records and family health teams have the potential to radically improve the health system. Read more

PEI poised to take lead on health policy. peicanada.com, Nov 20: The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the leadership of MLA Cory Deagle who tabled a Bill to ban the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes to those under age 21. The Bill also restricts the sale of e-cigarettes to speciality vape shops and gives government regulatory authority over flavours in e-cigarettes. Read more

Alberta government phases out seniors advocate, rolls role into health advocate. calgaryherald.com, Nov 25: Seniors will no longer have a dedicated provincial advocate in 2020 as government asks Alberta’s health advocate to absorb the role. Read more

Diabetes on the rise in First Nations populations. educationnewscanada.com, Nov 26: New report shows the disease has reached an all-time high within Canada's First Nations communities, impact on children is concerning. Read more

Too many kids in Ontario are food illiterate — and it’s costing us big. tvo.org, Nov 25: According to a just-released report from Nutrition Connection unhealthy eating costs the Ontario economy $5.6 billion each year. Read more

Patterns of youth alcohol use show need for early intervention. educationnewscanada.com, Nov 26: Youth who drink a few times per month in Grade 9 are likely to become weekly - and even binge - drinkers in the following years, says a recent University of Waterloo study. Read more

US Children Consuming Fewer Sugary Beverages, Study Finds. consumer.healthday.com, Nov 21: American youngsters are drinking far fewer sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks and getting far fewer calories from them than they used to, a new report finds. But kids from more-affluent homes are benefiting more from these trends than those from poorer families, the researchers said. Read more

Proposed Ontario drug regulation changes worry policy experts. lfpress.com, Nov 22: The Ontario government is proposing drug regulation changes that it says will remove red tape and barriers for pharmaceutical companies, allowing some drugs to bypass the normal approval process during a shortage. Read more

Daily cannabis use lowers odds of using illicit opioids among people who have chronic pain. educationnewscanada.ca, Nov 20: For those using illicit opioids to manage their chronic pain, cannabis may be a beneficial - and a less dangerous - alternative, according to new research from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU). Read more

Trudeau appears open to safe opioid supply proposal in Vancouver, mayor says. cbc.ca, Nov 21: Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared open to a proposal from the municipality to provide millions in funding for a safe supply of opioids to reduce overdose deaths. Read more

Dalhousie, Nova Scotia Lung Association study backs benefits of plain cigarette packaging. thewesternstar.com, Nov 25: Boring is best when it comes to cigarette packaging, a Halifax researcher has concluded. […] He found that plain cigarette packaging not only increases attention to health warnings for all smokers, it also deters some smokers' desire to smoke. Read more

Ontario teen's vaping injury consistent with 'popcorn lung,' study suggests. cbc.ca, Nov 21: An Ontario teen who was put on life-support after being diagnosed with a severe vaping-related illness may be the first documented case of a different form of damage linked to e-cigarettes. Read more

Alberta Can Lead The Country On Vape Regulations: RBH. cbj.ca, Nov 20: The Province of Alberta is conducting a review of the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act to make legislative and regulatory amendments and invited RBH to provide recommendations to the committee overseeing the review of the Act. Read more

Quebec promises new tobacco, vaping regulations by next spring. montrealgazette.com, Nov 25: A committee will look at the flavouring of products, the level of nicotine in them, as well as their accessibility. Read more

Juul lawsuits make it clear we need stronger vaping rules in Canada. thestar.com, Nov 20: “Despite now claiming that its mission is to help adult smokers, starting with its launch, JLI has engaged in a systematic campaign to target underage California residents.” “JLI” is Juul Labs Inc, and the allegation made against it by the state of California in a lawsuit launched Monday aims a big gun at the explosive growth of e-cigarettes. Read more

American Medical Association calls for full vaping ban: Keep nicotine products 'out of the hands of young people'. usatoday.com, Nov 19: The American Medical Association and the state of New York put vaping companies on notice Tuesday in the wake of President Donald Trump's apparent retreat from federal action against flavored electronic cigarettes. Read more

New York joins states suing e-cigarette maker Juul. ctvnews.ca, Nov 19: New York has joined the ranks of states suing the nation's biggest e-cigarette maker, Juul Labs Inc., saying the company used deceptive marketing practices to reel in young users. Read more

Professor urges conservation and innovation to stop antibiotic-resistant superbugs. ctvnewsw.ca, Nov 24: Steve Hoffman, professor of global health at York University, says the increasing use of antibiotics is failing to keep up with evolving superbugs. Read more

As superbugs grow stronger, Nova Scotia health experts encourage judicious use of antibiotics. globalnews.ca, Nov 20: Nova Scotia health experts are encouraging the public to take a second look at their use of antibiotics in the wake of an alarming report warning that superbugs are on the rise. Read more

New Brunswick – Mandatory vaccination bill will return with changes, says Higgs. cbc.ca, Nov 19: A controversial mandatory vaccination bill will return during the new legislative session, according to the New Brunswick premier. But Blaine Higgs said Bill 39 would be a "little different." Read more

Rare polio cases caused by vaccine outnumbering wild virus infections, report says. cbc.ca, Nov 25: 9 cases reported in Nigeria, Congo, Central African Republic and Angola. Four African countries have reported new cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine, as global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in vaccines than in the wild. Read more

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November 29-December 4: Greater NY Dental Meeting, in New York, New York. Read more



January 30–February 1: Yankee Dental Congress – Advancing the Vision 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

February 20-22: Chicago Dental Society 155th Midwinter Meeting – Kaleidoscope View 2020, in Chicago, Illinois. Read more

March 5-7: Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, BC. Read more

March 19-20: Academy of Osseointegration 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Read more

March 19-21: The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more

April 2-4: The 2020 Manitoba Dental Association & Canadian Dental Association Convention –Seeing Dentistry Clearly, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

May 7-9: Ontario Dental Association ASM20 Annual Spring Meeting, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 14-16: California Dental Association (CDA) – Presents the Art & Science of Dentistry, Anaheim, California. Read more

May 21-23: Alberta Dental Association & College, Alberta Wellness Summit, in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more

May 29-June 2: Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

September 1-4: FDI World Dental Congress in Shanghai, China. Read more

September 10-12: California Dental Association (CDA) – Presents the Art & Science of Dentistry, in San Francisco, CA. Save the date

October 1-3: Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics 28th Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

October 15-18: American Dental Association ADA FDC 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Read more

October 4: North West Dental Exposition in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more


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Smart Integration Award: Dentsply Sirona honors visionary treatment concepts from female dentists all over the world. news.dentsplysirona.com, Nov 24: On November 21, the awards ceremony for the competition run for the first time by Dentsply Sirona, which focuses on the expertise of women in dentistry and Dentsply Sirona's intention to integrate this expertise more closely into the development of new products, took place in Heidelberg. Read more

Patterson, Benco decline to appeal decision regarding FTC complaint. ada.org, Nov 19: Patterson Companies announced Nov. 8 that it reached a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding an administrative complaint filed by the FTC concerning alleged misconduct. Read more

BD Launches Enhanced Antimicrobial Stewardship Analytics Capabilities. bakersfield.com, Nov 21: Becton, Dickinson and Company announced its latest advancement in combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with new analytics integrated into the company's connected medication management platform that identifies when an inappropriate and potentially ineffective antibiotic has been prescribed, based on a patient's specific infection diagnosis. Read more

California company raises funds for smart lingual appliances. dental-tribune.com, Nov 21:  Swift Health Systems raised $45 million in October for its lingual “Smartwire” appliance, INBRACE. The company seeks to address the needs of consumers and orthodontists with INBRACE by providing an invisible solution for light-force tooth movement that is led by clinicians. Read more

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