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The Canadian Association of Orthodontists – Building Partnerships

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO) is the national organization representing the registered orthodontists of Canada. Among other targets, CAO is responsible for ensuring that its members have adequate training; and the CAO advocates for its members in several areas, such as public health, advertising campaigns, and education. The CAO holds an annual scientific session which considered the most important activity of the association.  

Watch this conversation between Dr. John O’Keefe and Dr. Jay Philippson, Immediate Past President of the CAO, and practicing orthodontist about the Association’s work, it’s purpose and current challenges.

In this conversation, Dr. Philippson talks about: 

  • The CAO’s purpose and mission as well as how the association serves and supports its members. 
  • Current and new initiatives, including the Smiles 4 Canada program.
  • Recent achievements benefiting CAO members and the association itself, as well as recent improvements to its governance structure. 
  • Attracting volunteers to contribute to and join the CAO Board of Directors. 
  • The association's consumer awareness program featuring Ortho-Bot 5,000 in response to the arrival of direct-to-consumer orthodontic device providers in Canada. 
  • Key activities during his tenure as president. 
  • Spreading a positive message about the importance of in-person dentistry and orthodontic services. 

Learn more about the Canadian Association of Orthodontics and their work.

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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.14″)

Full Conversation (13.05″)


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