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Don’t Compromise, Back Up Your Data

Ransomware attacks are affecting health care practices in Canada and the United States. Today, Anne Genge, frequent CDA Oasis contributor, Certified Information Privacy Professional specializing in dentistry, and founder of Alexio Corporation is here to give a presentation entitled, “Backup principles that will save the day”. 

To help dentists recover their practice data in the event of a ransomware attack, Anne shares important information about what system backups are; and how and when a data back up should be completed.

In this Oasis presentation, Anne provides strategies and tools, including:

  • Review of a ransomware attack case and how a clinic closure could have been prevented using backups. 
  • Basic principles and tools to take to your IT provider to better protect your patient and practice data. 
  • Strategies for encryption for onsite and offsite backups. 
  • Understanding backup types as well as their corresponding costs and data recovery times. 
  • Following a process checklist to ensure all practice data is fully and easily recoverable. 
  • Alexio’s cybersecurity awareness training tools, available to dentists and their teams.   

Key tips

  • Have three types of backups.
  • Do not leave backed up system information attached to your server.
  • Conduct regular tests to ensure data is easily and quickly recoverable. 

Learn more about cybersecurity or reach out to Anne Genge to ask a question. Follow Alexio on Twitter and LinkedIn for daily updates and information on cybersecurity. 

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CDA Oasis Team

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF) 

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