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CDA Oasis Roundtable

Welcome to this episode of CDA Oasis Roundtable where dentists and others in our sector gather to discuss important day-to-day issues in dental practice.

In this episode we host five dentists from Prince Edward Island in conversation with Todd Snyder, a GP dentist from California who lectures across North America on clinical and non-clinical topics.

Our PEI GP colleagues range in experience from the relatively new graduate to the seasoned practitioner: Heather Jones is five years in practice, Amy Mihajlevic has 15 years under her belt. Joanne Stewart and Mike Connolly have been in practice for about 30 years, while Dave Perry is still going strong after 46 years chairside.

The conversation soon focused on human resources issues in the dental office, but first, I asked Dr. Snyder what sort of questions dentists ask him when he is presenting at conferences….





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We look forward to welcoming you to the next episode of Oasis Roundtable. We welcome your suggestions about topics for discussion and we invite you to participate in an upcoming discussion. Just contact us and we will let you know how we can make this happen. Till next time, we wish you the best in practice……

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Dr. John O’Keefe
Director, Knowledge Networks, CDA

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