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Opioid Use After Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Patient Guide

Patients and dentists alike have many questions about when, and how to use pain medications such as opioids, following the removal of wisdom teeth.

This common procedure can be painful for many days, following wisdom teeth removal; and sometimes requires taking opioids to adequately manage the ensuing pain. However, how can dentists and patients safely navigate the use of opioids and pain medication in general?

To help answer this question and educate patients, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada’s (ISMP) developed a Pain Management Guide to help patients manage pain following the removal of wisdom teeth. The guide emphasizes the following:

  • Finding the right pain medication with the guidance of a dental surgeon or pharmacist.
  • When to use opioids and for how long.
  • Proper use of opioids.
  • Understanding and monitoring side-effects.
  • Talking to your prescriber about what to do when pain does not improve.
  • Important information about storing opioids and how to dispose of them.


*Share this guide with your patients and make this resource visible in your practice to help educate your patients and open a dialogue about opioid prescriptions.


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