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Can I use any resin cement to cement veneers?

Our Questions from Clinicians segment is back! And this time we’re talking veneers and addressing inquiries from GPs about cementing veneers. Join Dr. Rick Carvalho to unpack and explore how best to cement patient veneers.

About Dr. Rick Carvalho

Dr. Carvalho is a Professor in the Department of Oral Biological and Medical Sciences, Division of Biomaterials at the University of British Columbia. You can read a full bio of Dr. Carvalho by following this link.

During this presentation style video, Dr. Carvalho answers common questions and addresses best-practices including:

Factors to consider when cementing veneers i.e., retention, support, solubility and wear, colour stability.

  • Can dentists use any resin cements to cement veneers?
  • Can dentists use dual-cure resin cement to cement veneers ?
  • Why do veneers eventually darken or turn yellow over time?
  • Choosing a resin cement when bonding to ceramics.
  • Typical composition of dual-cured resin cements.
  • Light-cured versus dual-cured resin cement.

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Read/download the transcript of the presentation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.11″)

Full Presentation (9.24″)



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  1. Andy Wood June 15, 2019

    Very interesting video. I use self cure epoxy when repairing surfboards. They work very well but are not colour stable when exposed to sunlight due to tertiary amines. This sounds like the same problem suffered by dual cure resin cements that have tertiary amines as outlined in the video.
    Chemically how similar are these two products? I am concerned as epoxies should not come in contact with skin, as they can cause sensitivity issues from frequent contact


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