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ACE Panel Report: Bonding Agents


CDA Oasis brings you the latest in dental practice clinical facts. Here’s an ACE Panel Report on Bonding Agents.

The ACE Panel is a network of practicing ADA member dentists who want to share their opinion on topics and products. The mission of panel is to ensure that the content provided in the ACE Panel Reports represents the first-hand, day-to-day experiences of practicing member dentists. ACE Panel Reports are generated from dentists’ input in short studies about these experiences. Then, with guidance from the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs and Product Evaluation subcommittee, the ADA Science Institute staff compiles and shares the data with the ACE Panel members.

This report focuses on antibiotic use in endodontic infections. See how nearly 400 practicing U.S. dentists and ADA members responded to which clinical interventions require adjunct antimicrobial treatment, their preferred antibiotic to use in immunocompetent adults, and much more.

For more on the ACE Panel reports, please visit ada.org

Download the ACE Panel Report on Bonding Agents (PDF)


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