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Cyber Security Series Part Two: Cyber Safety Measures for Your Practice

If your office is connected to the internet, it may be susceptible to cyber-attack. These days, cyber security threats are all around us and constantly changing. Protecting data and patient information is becoming more difficult and it’s hard to know what measures are best for protecting your practice’s digital space.

Today, we’re releasing part two of our a three-part series with the Canadian Dental Association’s Manager of Information Technologies, Dean Smith. A frequent presenter on the issue of cyber security, Dean has educated dentists during continuing education events and conferences and is here to share his expertise, fast facts, and best practices.

Key discussion topics in this video include:

  • Safeguard measures you can take to protect your practice against common threats.
  • How the kind of office you run, and its size can inform what cyber security measures are needed for your practice.
  • Encrypting the data the leaves your office.
  • Selecting the right anti-virus and malware software, and acceptable use policies for internet browsing.
  • Engaging third-party cyber security experts to audit your current system.
  • Ensuring with vendors that your system software is cyber secure.

Read Dean Smith’s Presentation, “Cyber Risk in the Dental Office

For more information about sharing your practice’s secure data with other dental health professionals, check out our article, Secure Send. Secure Electronic Communications for Canadian Dentists.

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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.27″)

Full Conversation (7.06″)

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  1. Darrell Pruitt February 26, 2019

    How does the security of electronic dental records compare to paper?


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