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An often overlooked part of many practices is the sterilization area, the heart of every practice. 
If instruments do not efficiently flow into and out of it, the rest of the practice suffers. Your steri-centre should improve 
Safety, ensure Predictable results, maximize Efficiency, and maintain Compliance (SPEC).


Dental instruments should be processed in the safest and most efficient way possible to reduce the risk of staff injury and the costs associated with exposure incidents. It is not only important to prevent exposures from sharps, but also from biologically contaminated fluids and aerosols generated by open-lid ultrasonic cleaning and cold sterile solutions. Systems should also be in place to ensure that instruments are safe for use on patients by preventing contamination of instruments after they are processed.


To avoid delays and interruptions in your clinical workflow, you need to be able to count on having clean, sterile, and dry instruments every time you need them. You also want to be confident that contaminated instruments can flow through the reprocessing steps in your sterilization area quickly and consistently every time. Automation, redundancy, and reliability are the 3 keys to ensuring that this happens.


Speed comes from using processes and equipment that maximize efficiency and reduce manual labor. This applies to the way instruments flow through your office and sterilization area, as well as the equipment you use to reprocess instruments. Manual labor should be eliminated wherever possible, so that dental staff can focus on tasks that can’t be automated; such as operatory cleanup and preparation.


Instrument reprocessing should meet or exceed all federal and provincial infection control requirements. This not only protects dental staff and their patients, but it also protects the office from costly and reputation-damaging infection control violations. Designing your sterilization area with compliance in mind from the start is the easiest way to make sure that you maintain compliance.



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