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Dr. Jerry Dushkin: Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

Dr. Jerry Dushkin was elected vice president to the Pierre Fauchard Academy international. He spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about the role and mission of the Academy as well as his aspiration to recognize dental leaders for the great work they do with their patients, within their communities an for their organized profession. 

Dr. Jerry Dushkin received his DDS (1979) from McGill University and went on to complete a one-year residency program in paediatric dentistry at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. In dental school, Dr. Dushkin was the student representative to the Quebec Order (college) of Dentists. Upon graduation, he joined the Mount Royal/Alpha Omega dental society where he served on the Board of Directors and then served on its Executive. He also sat on the board of directors and the Executive of both the Quebec Dental Surgeons Association and the Canadian Dental Association. Dr. Dushkin is a proud Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International, the International College of Dentistry and the American College of Dentistry. He served as a Governor for more than 30 years for Camp B’nai Brith and for many years on the dental advisory board of “Spectrum Quebec”. 

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  1. Dr Allan Coopersmith January 7, 2019

    Congrats Jerry, We are all proud of you!

    1. Anonymous January 15, 2019

      Thanks Allan ;-))

  2. Dennis Paul Nutter DDS January 31, 2019

    Thank you Dr Dushkin for taking the time away from family, practice and other interests in order to lead PFA in its efforts to positively influence our profession and patients.

  3. andrew L mogelof February 1, 2019

    As a member of the PFA, I applaud the recognition that is given to dentists world wide who, each in their own way, have contributed to ethics, charity, clinical techniques, mentoring, emotional support, and the maintenance of dentistry as a core health profession.
    Congratulations to Dr.Dushkin.

  4. Dr. Ernesto Acuña February 1, 2019

    The progress and growth of our honored international organization Academy is highly satisfactory, events like this interview strengthen my congratulations to our President Newman, VP Dushkin and especially to my friend Dr. John O’Keefe


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