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Virtual Booth Visit: Ansell Microflex Gloves


Microflex® NEOSOFT™ are comfortable neoprene exam gloves designed with HYDRASOFT™, 
a unique technology that helps skin retain moisture to improve skin health. In fact, lab tests show
wearing Microflex®NEOSOFT™ gloves helps skin retain 2X more moisture*. The gloves’ soft and
stretchy formulation provides exceptional comfort, while the advanced neoprene formulation and
textured fingers deliver a secure, reliable wet grip.  An ultra-lightweight design allows for
enhanced tactile sensitivity when handling delicate instruments, parts and pieces. 

  • Enhanced grip in wet environments
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity and dexterity, especially for delicate procedures
  • Brief, low-risk examination procedures
  • Extra comfort during long, sustained procedures
  • Damp donning
  • Standard patient examinations
  • Protection from latex Type I allergy and minimize chemical Type IV allergies in HCW’s or patients
  • Helping protect skin from drying or cracking
  • Brief, low-risk examination procedures
  • Helping protect skin from drying or cracking
  • Protection from Type I latex allergy in HCW’s or patients


Visit the Microflex NeoSoft Website

Download the Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

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