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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2018/12/19

Top News

Premier John Horgan opens door to including dental coverage within B.C.’s health care system

Setting the Direction for Licensure

Study Shows Big Rise in Teen Vaping This Year

Regular dental check-ups for healthy gums may help manage type 2 diabetes

Opioids no more effective for treating chronic pain than over-the-counter options, study finds

Canadian Dentistry News

Premier John Horgan opens door to including dental coverage within B.C.’s health care system. globalnews.ca: B.C. Premier John Horgan is not opposed to the idea of the province covering dental care as part of the provincial health care system. Horgan was asked about the issue as part of a year-end interview with Global News. Read more

USask leads dentistry research project. dentistry.usask.ca: The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry have awarded the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Dentistry a research grant with significant potential for dental schools across Canada. Read more

What a difference a decade makes. schulich.uwo.ca: Founded with a desire to improve the oral health of people in the community who don’t have access to dental coverage or who encounter barriers to receiving dental care, DOCS is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018. Read more

Council votes 8-3 to resume fluoridating water. windsorstar.com: Citing a 51 per cent rise in serious tooth decay among kids over five years, city council voted 8-3 Monday to resume fluoridating the water supply. Read more

Fluoridation still 12 to 18 months away with hurdles to clear. windsorstar.com: Fluoridation is still 12 to 18 months away and dependent on approval from at least one of the two towns that get their water from Windsor. Read more

Ontario’s dental watchdog bares sharp teeth against critics. thestar.com: Describing a toxic work environment fuelled by bullying and favouritism, more than two dozen current and former staff and executives of the province’s dental regulator have been waging a quiet war against their leadership. In response, lawyers for the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and its top executive — registrar Irwin Fefergrad — have issued letters threatening legal action and promises of repercussions. In recent months, the college has also launched an internal investigation seeking to identify employees they suspect have leaked documents to the Toronto Star. Read more

Dr. Omid Kiarash named chairman of Predoctoral Directors Organization of the American Academy of Periodontology. mcgill.ca: Dr. Omid Kiarash was recently named chairman of Predoctoral Directors Organization of the American Academy of Periodontology. This marks the first time that a Canadian program director is the chair of this committee. Read more

Dr. Jocelyne Feine appointed as editor. mcgill.ca: McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry Professor, Jocelyne Feine, was appointed as one of 6 section editors, and it is anticipated that many other experts will be involved at various stages of the development of this report. Read more

Health Canada takes steps to restrict amount of alcohol allowed in sugary premixed beverages. cbc.ca: Agency says these drinks are becoming a growing risk to public health, especially for young people. Read more

International Dentistry News

Setting the Direction for Licensure. adeachartingprogress.wordpress.com: In this month’s letter, Dr. Rick Valachovic shares key findings from a landmark report that describes the reasons change is needed in dental licensure and sets a pathway forward. Read more

$3.4M grant supports oral health – Delta Dental program to support access, education. fortmorgantimes.com: Improving access to dental care and preventing tooth decay will be the focus of a new grant from Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, which will provide $3.4 million in funding through the next three years to 29 organizations. Read more

Armed Services Face Challenges in Staffing Dental Clinics. dentistrytoday.com: The United States Army, Navy, and Air Force have implemented common standards for how they determine necessary staffing levels at their health clinics for a number of medical specialties but haven’t done so for their dental clinics. Read more

Free mobile app can help dentists during office medical/sedative emergencies. ada.org: Dentists could benefit from using a free mobile application developed by the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, or ADSA. Read more

Study Shows Big Rise in Teen Vaping This Year. nytimes.com: Use of other drugs, including opioids, alcohol and tobacco cigarettes, was down and marijuana use was steady, the annual survey of American teenagers found. Read more

ADA urges NIH to include oral health in nutrition plan. ada.org: The ADA would like the National Institutes of Health’s Nutrition Research Task Force to include mention of the importance of oral health in the task force’s upcoming strategic plan. Read more

Report points to hard-to-access dental services for elderly. bitemagazine.com: A new report launched by the Council on the Ageing (COTA) has highlighted accessibility to dental services as a general concern of older Australians that needs to be addressed. Read more

ADA, stakeholders urge Congress to permanently repeal medical device tax. ada.org: The ADA, along with more than 140 other organizations, is asking Congress to permanently repeal the medical device tax, although it appears the only move Congress is taking so far is a proposed 5-year moratorium. Read more

Recording of FDI-NCD Alliance joint webinar now available. youtube.com: This webinar co-hosted by FDI World Dental Federation and NCD Alliance will focuses on how the oral health and broader NCD community can accomplish their common goals by working together. Read more

Living legend’ Dr. Ray Bowen retires after 62 years. ada.org: In 1962, Dr. Bowen developed Bis-GMA, a methacrylate monomer used in most modern composite resin restorative materials. Read more

Clinical & Scientific News

Regular dental check-ups for healthy gums may help manage type 2 diabetes. fdiworlddental.org: A recent study published in The Lancet: Diabetes & Endocrinology suggests that regular dental check-ups and treatment of periodontitis may contribute to effective management of type 2 diabetes. Read more

Tutorials: The ADA Evidence-Based Dentistry Video Series. ebd.ada.org: These five- to 10-minute videos are designed to help dental or health care professionals and students understand the basics of EBD. Read more

Opioids no more effective for treating chronic pain than over-the-counter options, study finds. theglobeandmail.com: Opioids are no better at treating chronic pain than over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and naproxen, considering the risks they pose. Read more

New study suggests that good oral health can be as much about the mind as it is about the mouth. dentalhealth.org: Young adults with feelings of depression are significantly more at risk of oral health diseases, according to the findings of a new study. Read more

Mind Your Business

A Disciplinary Hearing—It Could Happen to You. cdspi.com: Alan Rudakoff, a lawyer who has been representing dentists for over 35 years, to share his experience and advice on this subject. Read more

Patient Information

High blood pressure warning – the taste in your mouth that’s a sign of DEADLY hypertension. express.co.uk: A bad taste in your mouth, or having bad breath, could be a sign of high blood pressure, it’s been claimed. Read more

Your Health & Medical News

The unintended consequences of national pharmacare systems: report. benefitscanada.com: While a national pharmacare program in Canada could mean reduced expenditures and drug prices, there could also be unintended consequences. Read more

Health insurance on demand? Some are betting on it. nationalpost.com: On-demand insurance that lets customers buy some of their coverage only if and when they need it. Read more

Plain Jane for Mary Jane packaging effective, study finds – Researchers at the University of Calgary tested different kinds of weed packaging on students. winnipegfreepress.com: The experimental findings, published last week in the journal BMC Public Health, support the Canadian government’s decision to make legal cannabis packaging mostly plain with limited branding. Read more

Medical insurance fraud widespread, as employees, providers rip off benefit plans. cbc.ca: Employers and their insurance providers are reeling at the proliferation of fraud rings — groups of employees that work together to abuse and exploit benefit plans, with medical services providers as their eager accomplices. Read more

Increased physical activity linked to better mood. sydney.edu.au: Increasing physical activity may be an effective way to boost mood states especially in people with bipolar disorder a new study in JAMA Psychiatry reveals. Read more

Wound care revolution: Put away your rulers and reach for your phone. mcgill.ca: New research from the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and McGill University shows that the use of a new app could potentially have a significant impact on clinical management and patient outcomes. Read more

New competency-based medical education leaves traditional grading behind. westerngazette.ca: A new Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry undergraduate medical education curriculum prioritizes integrated, experiential learning and evaluates students based on competency rather than grades. Read more

Medical specialists break away from OMA at “worst possible time” warns Quebec specialist group. cmajnews.com: How to divide up the health care budget between general practitioners and other specialties has been a fraught issue in Ontario. Read more

Ageism in medicine a pressing problem as population ages. cmajnews.com: Ageism in medicine is a reflection of society, “it’s always a celebration of youth, not a celebration of getting older gracefully.” Read more

10 health stories that mattered this week. cmajnews.com: Read more

Nicotine mouth spray safe, effective smoking cessation option. healio.com: A nicotine mouth spray provided a safe and effective smoking cessation option for smokers motivated to quit, even in naturalistic settings and without behavioral support. Read more

University of Guelph launches AI ethics centre amid growing debate around data privacy, bias. thestar.com: The new centre will take aim at regulations and public policy related to the ethics of AI technologies. Read more

Continuing Education Matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Winter 2017 continuing education – upcoming courses

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


January 31, February 2, 2019: Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

January 25-26, 2019: Manitoba Dental Association Annual Meeting & Convention, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

February 21-23, 2019: Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, in Chicago, Il. Read more

March 7-9, 2019: Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

March 12-16, 2019: 38th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. Read more

March 13-19, 2019: Academy of Osseointegration 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Read more

April 4-6, 2019: Irish Dental Association Annual Conference, in Galway, Ireland. Save the dates

April 10-13, 2019: American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

April 10-15, 2019: Seminar: Everyday Esthetics with Direct and Indirect Approaches (Hands-On). The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan is organizing a hand-on seminar that will coincide with the Coachella Music Festival from April 10–15, 2019. The seminar will discuss what matters most in dental esthetics, using a six-point checklist of things to consider with every smile. Read more and PDF Poster

May 1-4, 2019: 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Read more

May 9-11, 2019: Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 21–25, 2019: Alberta Dental Association and College Annual Congress in Calgary, Alberta. Save the date

May 24–28, 2019: Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, in Montréal, Québec. Save the date

June 19–22, 2019: IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Save the date

September 6-9, 2019: American Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Read more

September 12–14: College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan + Canadian Dental Association Joint Convention, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read more

March 19-20, 2020 – Academy of Osseointegration 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Read more

March 11-13, 2021 – Academy of Osseointegration 2021 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. Read more

February 24-26, 2022 – Academy of Osseointegration 2022 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental Industry News

GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer deal brings Advil, Tums together in consumer health giant. business.financialpost.com: GlaxoSmithKline plans to split into two businesses – one for prescription drugs and vaccines, the other for over-the-counter products- after forming a new joint venture with Pfizer’s consumer health division. Read more

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