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Dentistry Without Lidocaine?

Local anesthetics have an impressive history of efficacy and safety in dental practice. They make treatment possible by eliminating pain and sensation before, during, and sometimes after dental procedures. Lidocaine, a landmark anesthetic agent, celebrates 70 years this year; and I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Mark Donaldson, our pharmacology expert, about this milestone in the life of an important and inevitable dental product. Dr. Donaldson recently authored an article about Lidocaine titled: Lidocaine turns 70: the evolution of dental local anesthesia.

Dr. Donaldson is our go-to expert for information on dental and other drugs and medications. He is Associate Principal at Vizient Pharmacy Advisory Solutions and Professor in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy at the University of Montana. 

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Access the full-text article: Lidocaine turns 70: the evolution of dental local anesthesia (PDF)

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

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Full Conversation (9.24″)


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