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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2018/07/18

Top News

Water Pik, Inc. Recalls Sonic-Fusion® Flossing Toothbrush Product for Possible Health Risk

Procter & Gamble says ‘vast majority’ of products in Canada to be hit by tariffs on U.S.-made goods

Study: Oral Inflammation Promotes Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Invasion

U of T Researchers Discover New Ways to build better medical implants and improve healing time

New study suggests medical marijuana legalization may be associated with higher rates of mental illness

Canadian dentistry news

1 in 6 Canadians struggling with finances, Angus Reid survey finds. cbc.ca: Cost of dental care, payday loans cited as major factors in worsening financial health. Read more

National pharmacare will require tax hike, former budget watchdog warns. theglobeandmail.com: Former federal budget watchdog Kevin Page will deliver a blunt message to premiers this week about the costs of a future national pharmacare program: if Canadians want one, taxes will have to go up. Read more

Trudeau cabinet shuffle brings new faces, several changes for run-up to 2019 campaign. cbc.ca: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made significant changes to his cabinet, bringing five new ministers to the table and creating new portfolios for seniors, intergovernmental affairs and border security. Read more

Procter & Gamble says ‘vast majority’ of products in Canada to be hit by tariffs on U.S.-made goods. theglobeandmail.com: Many Procter & Gamble Co. products sold in Canada will be affected by retaliatory tariffs on U.S.-made goods after Canadian authorities rejected a request for exemptions. Read more

Canadians’ average life expectancy could be cut by opioid scourge. cbc.ca: Canada will soon find out whether the deadly opioid crisis is having an impact on how long people are expected to live on average. Read more

Here’s what 50 years of food supply data says about Canada’s eating habits. cbc.ca,: Canadians are eating less beef, drinking less milk and soda, and eating more flour-based carbs than they did 50 years ago, according to data analyzed by CBC News. Read more

9 days until the public plan non-participation notices are submitted: The ACDQ asks Premier Couillard to remove Gaétan Barrette from the negotiations with dentists. newswire.ca: True to his habits, Gaétan Barrette, Minister of Health and Social Services (MSSS), is becoming increasingly confrontational, standing firm on his positions, and showing unprecedented contempt toward Quebec dentists. Despite the fact that the MSSS and the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) returned to the negotiating table on Friday, July 13, the meeting proved to be totally unproductive. Read more

À 9 jours du dépôt des avis de non-participation au régime public : L’ACDQ demande au Premier ministre Couillard d’écarter Gaétan Barrette du dossier des négociations avec les dentistes. newswire.ca : Fidèle à ses habitudes, le ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), Gaétan Barrette, multiplie les provocations, se campe sur ses positions et manifeste un mépris sans précédent envers les dentistes du Québec. La rencontre du vendredi 13 juillet à la table de négociation entre le MSSS et l’Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) s’est avérée totalement improductive. Lire plus

Editorial: Cowichan needs more than a new hospital. timescolonist.com: The B.C. government announced plans to build a new hospital in the Cowichan Valley. The current facility is vastly overcrowded. […] The percentage of young children who receive dental surgery to remove rotting teeth is double the provincial average. Read more

Bonification des services en dentisterie à l’hôpital d’Amqui. lavantposte.ca: Le CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent a annoncé que les services en dentisterie à l’hôpital d’Amqui seront bonifiés grâce à l’arrivée de nouveaux équipements spécialisés. Lire plus

Dental learning centre named at UBC. dentistry.ubc.ca: The Faculty of Dentistry at UBC announces the name of a new dental learning centre on campus as the Patterson Dental Learning Centre. The centre is a dedicated space for hands-on training for dentists and their various study clubs. Read more

‘Humbling experience’: Brampton dentist wins RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award. bramptonguardian.com: The Brampton-based dentist immigrated to Canada in 2000 and now owns seven dental clinics in southern Ontario, while also providing a pro-bono dental day each year for individuals in need of dental care who lack coverage. Read more

An Unconventional Journey to Dentistry. cdspi.ccom: Raylien Chao studied in Taiwan, Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, and Florida before starting to practise last summer in Vancouver. We asked her to share her thoughts about her unique path to becoming a dentist and her focus on lifelong oral health for her young patients. Read more

Greyhound Canada’s cuts are a public safety crisis for Indigenous people. macleans.ca: Indigenous people will be disproportionately affected by the loss of one of the few—if not only—modes of accessible transportation in remote places. […] While the lack of accessible transportation creates a public safety issue in terms of violence against women, it also affects public safety in the sense of access to healthcare, dental care and mental health treatment. Read more

West Kootenay Community Teeth Clinic Society in need of dentists. nelsonstar.com: While there are other similar dental clinics around BC, the West Kootenays has taken a creative and unique stride forward by developing an adopt-a-patient program. Read more

Oral Pathology Team Members Plays Key Roles At Joint IAOP & AAOMP Meeting. dentistry.utoronto.ca: Dr. Magalhaes’ residents win top awards; Dr. Bradley gives key presentation. Read more

B.C. dental college settles complaint with dentist. theglobeandmail.com: As part of a settlement agreement, the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. has apologized to a Victoria dentist over how it handled her complaint into allegations of sexually inappropriate comments made to her by the college’s former registrar. Read more

New ways to conquer sleep apnea compete for place in bedroom. ctvnews.ca: It’s been two decades since doctors fully recognized that breathing that stops and starts during sleep is tied to a host of health issues, even early death, but there still isn’t a treatment that most people find easy to use. Mouthpieces, fitted by dentists, work for some people but have their own problems, including jaw pain. Read more

International dentistry news

Dentists hail breakthrough as boys to get protection from cancer-causing HPV. bda.org: The BDA has welcomed official confirmation that UK government advisers have finally recommended funding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for boys – with almost 400,000 across UK set to benefit each year. Read more

Expediting the Dental School Application Process. adeachartingprogress.wordpress.com: In this month’s letter, ADEA President and CEO Dr. Rick Valachovic considers the evolution of ADEA’s centralized application service and where the application process stands today. Read more

Water Pik, Inc. Recalls Sonic-Fusion® Flossing Toothbrush Product for Possible Health Risk. fda.gov: Water Pik, Inc. is voluntarily recalling its Sonic-Fusion® flossing toothbrush because the charging base may overheat with localized melting and sparking, possibly causing fire, shock or burns. Read more

2001 to 2015 saw decline in self-employment in health care. medicalxpress.com: From 2001 to 2015 there was a decrease in the percentage of health care professionals who are self-employed and a decrease in the earning gap between self-employed and employed health care professionals, according to a study published online July 12 in JAMA Network Open. Read more or access full article

North Carolina dentist-turned-tech entrepreneur designs dental insurance alternative. wraltechwire.com: A few years ago, motivated to find alternatives, Dr. Brett Wells started experimenting with a new model of healthcare delivery in which providers work with patients to set an agreed-upon fee for the services they will need. Read more

An in-depth look at oral health and healthy ageing. fdiworlddental.org: The unavoidable reality of population ageing is affecting our society on a global scale. Dental and oral health are essential to sustain lifelong quality of life, and research has established that dental and oral health contribute to the maintenance and improvement of general health. Read more

School retains its ranking as No. 1 in the world. dent.umich.edu: The University of Michigan School of Dentistry retained its distinction as the top dental school in the world in the 2018 rankings published by an international organization that rates universities and their programs. Read more

University of Tennessee names new dental school dean. ada.org: The College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center announced July 11 that it named Dr. James C. Ragain, Jr. as its new dean, effective Aug. 1. Read more

Anti-fluoride group lose Supreme Court of NZ cases. nzda.org.nz: New Zealand’s highest court, backed earlier Court of Appeal rulings, ruling that adding fluoride was not inconsistent with the NZ Bill of Rights Act, which gives people the right to refuse medical treatment, also ruling that South Taranaki District Council’s power to add the fluoride was a “justified limit” on that right. Read more

Long-time educator, philanthropist Dr. D. Walter Cohen dies. ada.org: In his lifetime, Dr. Cohen would serve as dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, chancellor emeritus of the Drexel University College of Medicine and former president and chancellor of the Medical College of Pennsylvania. Read more

House approves streamlining approval for some OTC drugs. ada.org: The bill, which now goes to the Senate for consideration, would empower the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner to approve a drug submission by administrative order, bypassing a sometimes decades-long rulemaking process.  Read more

Planting trees in Hawaii offsets carbon impact of traveling to islands. ada.org: The Association is collaborating with the non-profit Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative and Hawaii Convention Center to plant trees during ADA 2018 – America’s Dental Meeting in October to symbolize the ADA’s commitment to the islands and sustainability. Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Study: Oral Inflammation Promotes Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Invasion. utoronto.ca: In a first-of-its-kind study, Assistant Professor at U of T’s Faculty of Dentistry, Marco Magalhaes and his colleagues investigate oral inflammation and how it stimulates oral squamous cell carcinoma invasion. Read more

U of T Researchers Discover New Ways to build better medical implants and improve healing dentistry.utoronto.ca: A University of Toronto research team has uncovered new information that could accelerate post-surgical healing for procedures involving medical devices as diverse as dental implants and skin dressings. Read more

Interventions for treating cavitated or dentine carious lesions. cochranelibrary-wiley.com: The objectives are to determine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of interventions, to treat carious lesions conventionally considered to require restorations in primary or permanent teeth with vital (sensitive) pulps. Read more

Effective diagnosis of persistent facial pain will benefit patients and save money. sciencedaily.com: Patients with persistent facial pain are costing the economy more than £3,000 each per year, new research has revealed. Experts at Newcastle University, UK, say introducing an electronic referral system to speed up diagnosis and treatment is likely to improve quality of life and save money. Read more

Judge rules Health Canada cannot withhold clinical trial data. globeandmail.com: A federal court judge ruled this week that Health Canada cannot withhold clinical-trial data from a researcher who refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, a decision that could pave the way for greater transparency at the department. Read more

Une vraie fausse nouvelle partagée au nom de la science. lapresse.ca : Théorie du complot, remède miracle contre le cancer et traitement uniquement vendu en ligne… L’Organisation pour la science et la société (OSS) de l’Université McGill a réuni tous les ingrédients pour propager une vraie fausse nouvelle. Et surprise… En deux semaines, la courte vidéo lancée sur les réseaux sociaux a déjà été vue des millions de fois. Lire plus

New study suggests medical marijuana legalization may be associated with higher rates of mental illness. rti.org: In the first study of its kind, researchers at RTI International found that states with liberal medical marijuana laws had a higher prevalence of serious mental illness than states without medical marijuana laws. Read more

Your health & medical news

New Cochrane health evidence challenges belief that omega 3 supplements reduce risk of heart disease, stroke or death. cochrane.org: Read more, read also the scientific expert reaction

Scientific expert reaction to Cochrane Review on omega-3 fatty acids. cochrane.org: Read more

Pharmacare may appeal to premiers seeking consensus this week in N.B. cbc.ca: And that’s the crux of his challenge: the mix of drug benefit programs offered across Canada gives some people more coverage than others, depending on where they live. Read more

Toronto board of health to urge federal government to decriminalize drug use. ctvnews.ca: The board of health in Canada’s most populous city decided Monday to push the federal government to decriminalize all drugs and is calling on Canadians to turn their recommendation into a national movement. Read more

Half of pediatricians surveyed say their young patients have used cannabis. theglobeandmail.com: The questionnaire for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program found 419 of 835 respondents had a patient who had used either authorized or unauthorized cannabis for some sort of medical relief. Read more

Physicians urge Ottawa to pay another $21B over decade for seniors’ health care. ctvnews.ca: A new analysis by the Canadian Medical Association is urging Ottawa to provide bigger and bigger annual top-ups to the existing federal health care transfer program. Read more

CMA to premiers: Federal funding needed to meet seniors’ care needs. cma.ca: New analysis reveals that provinces and territories will grapple with $93 billion in new health care costs caring for our aging population in the next decade. Read more

Supreme Court of Canada affirms privacy protections in tobacco health-data case. theglobeandmail.com: British Columbia does not have to give a tobacco company access to detailed provincial health databases to help it mount a defence in a multibillion-dollar damages trial, the Supreme Court of Canada says in a ruling that will have a countrywide ripple effect. Read more

Philip Morris ne pourra pas accéder aux données médicales des Britanno-Colombiens. ici.radio-canada.ca : La Cour suprême du Canada a rendu vendredi un jugement fort attendu dans le dossier de la poursuite intentée par la Colombie-Britannique contre les géants du tabac, se rangeant du côté de la province. Ainsi, Victoria n’aura pas à divulguer les données médicales des Britanno-Colombiens au cigarettier pour lui permettre de préparer sa défense. Lire plus

Australia fines parents who don’t vaccinate kids. Should Canada? ctvnews.ca: Canada doesn’t have federal rules around vaccinations. Some provinces, including Ontario and New Brunswick, require proof of vaccination for school registration but many provinces only check for immunization. Read more

Hand hygiene among health professionals: a question of perception. nouvelles.umontreal.ca: The more hospital-acquired infections are perceived to be everybody’s business, the more health professionals make sure to wash their hands. Read more

Hygiène des mains chez les professionnels de la santé: une affaire de perception… nouvelles.umontreal.ca : Plus la prévention des infections nosocomiales est perçue comme étant l’affaire de tous, plus les professionnels de la santé portent attention à l’hygiène des mains, selon une étude de l’UdeM. Lire plus

Continuing education matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Winter 2017 continuing education – upcoming courses

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


August 22-25 – CDA Convention, hosted by the Dental Association of PEI. Read more

August 31-September 2 – 24th International Association for Disability and Oral Health Congress, in Dubai, UAE. Registration now open

September 5-8, – FDI World Dental Congress, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

September 6-8 – 2017 Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read mores

September 6-8 – California Dental Association Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry, in San Francisco, California. Read more

September 13-15 – Dentsply Sirona World 2018, in Orlando, Florida. Read more

September 14-15. Academy of Osseointegration Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting – Advances in Clinical Implant Dentistry, in National Harbor, Maryland. Read more

September 20-22: Orthodontic World Congress Europe 2018, in Malta. Read more

September 21 – Northwest Dental Exposition 2018, Edmonton, Alberta. Read more

September 27-29: 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, in Montreal, Quebec. Save the date

October 18-22 – ADA 2018 America’s Dental Meeting, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Save the date

November 9 – Toronto Academy of Dentistry – 81st Annual Winter Clinic, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

November 25-28 – Greater NY Dental Meeting 2018, in New York, NY. Read more

January 31, February 2, 2019 – Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

January 25-26, 2019 – Manitoba Dental Association Annual Meeting & Convention, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

March 7-9, 2019 – Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

March 13-19, 2019 – Academy of Osseointegration 2019 Annual Meeting, in Washington, DC. Read more

May 1-4, 2019: 38th Australian Dental Congress, in Adelaide, Australia. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental industry news

Dentsply Sirona initiates Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN): more than 50 international lab experts gather in Frankfurt. news.dentsplysirona.com: Around 50 Key Opinion Leaders from almost 20 different countries came together for this peer-to-peer exchange to discuss current topics as well as future trends of dental technology and dentistry in workshops and interactive sessions. Read more

Dentsply Sirona announces Simon Fraser as Group Vice President Implants. news.dentsplysirona.com: Simon Fraser has been the Head of the Dentsply Sirona Implants SBU since Mid-June. He joins Dentsply Sirona from Abbott and succeeds Lars Henrikson, who will retire on July 31st, 2018. Read more

Heroic Dentistry: Asperger’s Syndrome and Special Care with ACTIVA. pulpdent.com: The Heroic Dentistry series celebrates oral health care providers who, like PULPDENT founder Dr. Harold Berk, have made it their mission to save teeth and help patients live in comfort and smile with confidence. Read more

Hu-Friedy partners with igniteDDS and igniteDA to enhance dental education. hu-friedy.com: Hu-Friedy, igniteDDS, and igniteDA are teaming up to provide dental students and dental professionals with resources to excel in their careers. Read more

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