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MagnusCards: Supporting Independent Living For People With Special Needs


Colgate has announced its partnership with Magnusmode, the company behind MagnusCards, an innovative mobile app that empowers people living with cognitive special needs, such as autism, to independently manage daily skills like tooth brushing. 

MagnusCards helps caregivers – including parents, support workers and teachers – reinforce routines for people with cognitive special needs through a series of positive and easy-to-understand digital card “decks.” Closely developed with oral health experts at Colgate, the five new oral care decks include: brushing, brushing with braces, rinsing, flossing, and visiting the dental office.

MagnusCards was developed by the president and founder of Magnusmode Ltd., Nadia Hamilton, who was inspired by her brother Troy, who lives with autism. Hamilton sought to create a company that combines a proven method of instruction (i.e. social stories) with elements of game design to help people like her brother master life skills.

The MagnusCards app is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play. Download it from: Colgate.Magnuscards.com

Full Interview (11.56″)


Making Tooth Brushing Easier For People With Autism


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