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Practical How To: Tuff-Temp Plus

This post was prepared in collaboration with Pulpdent

On an experimental basis, we have asked a limited number of companies to provide us with practical “How To” answers to clinical questions. We were prompted to conduct this experiment when dental team members told us that they visit company websites and consult company representatives for practical clinical information. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this experiment.

Tuff-Temp Plus: Esthetic, Durable and Long-Lasting Provisional Material

Tuff-Temp Plus is an esthetic, durable and long-lasting provisional material that can be used for single crowns or full mouth reconstructions. The material contains a proprietary rubberized-resin that is tougher, more impact and fracture resistant, and provides greater dimensional stability and tighter fitting provisional restorations, than acrylics and bis-acrylics. The shock-absorbent rubberized resin greatly reduces the likelihood of breakage and debonding.  Dentists find that Tuff-Temp Plus is easy to handle, flows nicely and adapts well to tooth structure. The material grinds and powders producing crisp and accurate margins that do not soften or distort. Finishing instruments do not gum up or clog. Tuff-Temp Plus is dual cure, and the light cure option produces a full strength restoration on demand and is ideally suited for use with a clear vinyl polysiloxane template.

See Dr. Dudney’s free On Demand CE Webinar for more information on Tuff-Temp Plus and its clinical applications. 



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