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School of Dentistry’s Centennial Lectures: How to keep your teeth forever

To tell us more about the third lecture that is in a series they are offering as part of the school’s centennial celebration. 

The lecture is open to the public and it happens May 18th. So, if you happen to be close by, check it out!

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Keeping our teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime should not be a very difficult task, so why do we still suffer from cavities, gum diseases, need root canals etc.? During this evening, we will reveal some secrets that will help you (and your kids) avoid the need for dental treatments and keep your teeth healthy and in place forever.   



And here’s Alexandra speaking about her own presentation


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  1. Mark Antosz May 24, 2017

    You’ve completely missed the biggest reason that adults need extensive dentistry or have failing dentitions – occlusal disease. Time and time again, I see adult patients with extensive restorative that has been “patchworked” into place without consideration for stepping back and seeing WHY the previous restorative efforts have failed – which is so often due to the occlusion. I see plenty of adults with failing periodontal support despite excellent care both personally and professionally because of their malocclusion. We seem to be graduating a generation of dentists who have little or no understanding of the significance of occlusion, and no understanding of what occlusal disease is. This is dentistry’s greatest failure IMHO.


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