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CE Showcase ASM2017: Is Periodontal Disease Being Diagnosed in Your Practice?

I had the pleasure to welcome once again Patricia Worcester, CDA and RDH, to speak about her second lecture at #ASM150 titled: Is Periodontal Disease Being Diagnosed in Your Practice? She emphasized the importance of the dental hygienist role in identifying and remedying periodontal disease over time.

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager   


The lecture is about comprehensive care for the hygiene patient that involves the entire team. With 80 percent of the population having some form of gingival or periodontal disease, what is your practice diagnosing and treating?

The lecture will guide oral health professionals through non-surgical periodontal protocols and full periodontal assessment designed for the general practitioner’s office. They will come away from this course with step-by-step protocols for hygiene procedures. This course will add value to your patients’ hygiene appointments and reduce hygiene cancellations.

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance your hygiene exam with proper data collection, and full periodontal assessment documentation for your charts
  • Learn how to involve the patient in their diagnosis and help the patient understand the meaning of their data
  • Increase the profit on hygiene procedures in your office, while creating gratitude from your patients



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