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How to Keep Cavijets in Good Working Condition


Mike Bromberg, Equipment Service Technician with Henry Schein, speaks to dentists and dental team members about how to keep Cavijets in good working condition.


  • Check O-rings regularly to ensure they are not worn
  • Remove the ball cap of the cavijet and keep it clean and free of all powder residue
  • Empty the cavijet container nightly and store the powder in the plastic bottle provided
  • When replacing the powder in the cavijet, first ensure there is no moisture in the container and break up any clumps that may exist in the plastic bottle
  • Do not over-tighten the ball cap otherwise, the plastic threads may crack and cause a leak
  • Keep spare O-rings on hand for the various components of the cavijet
  • The cavijet powder should be removed at the end of each day and the ball cap left off

Following these steps, will help keep cavijets in good working condition. If other problems arise, please contact your service technician.

For any other questions related to this video, please feel free to contact Henry Schein Canada.




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