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New Implant Navigation System with Dr. Eszter Somogyi Ganss


Dr. Eszter Somogyi Ganss spoke about the new implant navigation system that she helped develop and test at the University of Toronto. 


The new implant system aids in the safe and accurate placement of dental implant surgery. This tool involves a paradigm shift as one does not look at the patient but at the screen during implant placement surgery.

Computer navigation is essentially a “GPS” system which allows the clinician to implement a virtual treatment plan in real time while visualizing the CBCT image as well as the position of the drill on the CBCT. This gives the dentist direction, angulation, safe positions and the position of vital structures to guide safe placement of implants. This is a 4 part procedure – “mold, scan, plan and drill”.


  • Flapless surgery can be done – better patient healing
  • The system can be recalibrated during surgery
  • Decreases chair time and do not need a surgical guide
  • Freehand placement but, no titanium sleeves required
  • Increases operator confidence
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Very accurate
  • Cost-effective


  • Increased cost
  • More equipment
  • Potential for technical issues since it is computer-dependent

The system is sold in Canada and worldwide and has received FDA-approval. The whole procedure can be done quick and efficiently.





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