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Exploring New Technologies: Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System

Anastasiya Sivkova, Denturist at Prosthodontic Associates, spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about a new technology: the Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System.


Eclipse, a denture based-resin composed of a composite and is similar to the white composite restorative materials. Acrylic is used prominently in dentures but some individuals have shown sensitivity to the monomers in acrylic denture materials.

Eclipse is a fairly easy material to use and does not require the use of a blue light to set the material or the conventional processing as acrylic dentures. Once a final impression has been obtained, Eclipse can be used to build the denture base in place of a wax rim and used through all the phase from try-in to final delivery. The denture is “finished” in a conditioning oven for an hour and then polished.

Watch Anastasiya as she fabricates a full denture with Eclipse in this video.

Watch the short version of the video interview


Watch the full video interview


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