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From the Chairside: The Digital Scanner

This is the first in a series “From the Chairside” provided by dentists who share their thoughts and experience about a piece of technology that changed their practice for the better.

Dr. Azhar Pardhan shares the reasons why he decided to introduce digital scanning in his office and the benefits of using this technology. He also provides some pieces of advice for dentists who are thinking of using digital scanners.

We invite interested dentists to tell us on camera about one technology (it can be a material, an instrument, a device, or a system) that has really made a difference to their clinical practice. These posts are presented in the spirit of helping dentists benefit from their colleagues’ experiences and avoid wasting valuable resources when choosing or using new technologies.

Dentists can use four questions for guidance (some of which could be combined):

  • What is the “technology” you would like to talk about?
  • Why did you incorporate it in your practice?
  • How does it benefit your practice? and
  • Would you have any advice to anybody considering incorporating it themselves?

If you would like to share your experience, you can email us your video to oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca or directly upload it to our oasis Discussions website at this link: https://oasisdiscussions.ca/upload-your-content/



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