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CE Showcase Oncology Supporting Your Practice

CE Showcase: Dental Management of Cancer Patients – Key Points for the Private Practitioner


With this case presentation, Dr. David Yang, Oral Surgeon, speaks about managing cancer in private practice. This is phase 1 of the presentation where Dr. Yang presents the case and asks for your opinion on how to best manage this patient and how you would react in such a situation.

Dr. David Yang is a speaker at the upcoming Pacific Dental conference. Click here for more information about the session he is presenting on March 17, 2016. 


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How would you have treated this patient differently?

What if the cancer was in the right tonsil, would that change anything?

What if the radiation was in 1985 instead of 2012?

What if the radiation was breast cancer instead of tonsil cancer?

How would these factors have changed your treatment plan?

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