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CDA Oasis Conversations: What should you look for in a banker?

JP EditedJames Pelletier, VP Health Care at the Royal Bank of Canada, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about what dentists should look for when choosing to work with a bank or a financial institution for their personal and professional needs.

Interview Highlights

  • Each “stage” in the life cycle of the dentist from dental student through retirement will have specific needs that become increasingly complex with regards to financial requirements.
  • The financial institution that a dental professional chooses must understand the dental industry as well as the opportunities and challenges one is presented with along the way.
  • While product offerings and pricing structures at banks may be similar, there is an advantage in dealing with a banker or institution that “specializes” in the dental and/or healthcare industry.

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James Pelletier is currently Vice President Health Care, Commercial Financial Services, RBC Royal Bank Greater Toronto Region. Since joining RBC in 1991, James has held a variety of positions in sales, management, operations, strategic implementation, risk management, retail and commercial financial services.  James is active in supporting community causes, and is the current chair of the golf committee and past President for the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation.

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