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CDA Oasis Conversations: Dr. Paul Santerre on the NCOHR Technology, Translation and Commercialization Workshop

Paul Santerre-EditedThe funding of research in Canadian universities is undergoing profound change with major consequences for young faculty members and trainees in dental schools, according to Dr. Paul Santerre, a professor at the University of Toronto. He and a number of colleagues are working to help these young scholars navigate the waters that lie ahead by organizing a two-day workshop in Toronto on July 30 & 31, titled “Technology Transfer and Commercialization.”

Increasingly, research funding is tied to the likelihood that an idea can be turned into a practical application that can benefit society in tangible ways. The researchers of today and tomorrow have to demonstrate a degree of entrepreneurship and a flair for innovation that might not have been essential in the past. With more PhDs being conferred by Canadian universities and less full-time academic positions available, many of our brightest scholars will have to carve out new types of careers to survive thrive and make the breakthroughs in knowledge that will tackle the major issues facing society today.

If our dental schools and the scholars who drive our profession forward don’t adapt successfully to the new environment, then we face white water as a profession.

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