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Henry Schein and ICD make “camp” in Kenya

This is a summary of the article which appeared in the ICD annual journal the Globe (2015)

Kenya 1

Through the efforts of the medical, dental and public health communities in Kenya, an efficient network has been established to insure that residents in under-served areas have access to care and treatment through Outreach Camps. Through the support of generous donors like ICD, 25 volunteers carried 30 crates filled with medicine and medical and dental supplies for two such camps this summer.

While the setting was different than dental care in the U.S, plastic lawn chairs in the local church sanctuary were a substitute for dental chairs in pristine offices, -the skill, professionalism and care provided by the Kenyan team left a lasting impression on the volunteer visitors.

The delivery of services to the more than 1,400 people who came to the camp all occurred through the planning, skill and compassion of the Kenyan people. The dental team, comprised of three Dental Community Oral Health Officers and two assistants.

During their participation in the camp, they saw 250 people and performed over 200 extractions.

Volunteers from First Presbyterian Church in Fargo, North Dakota, USA, are shown packing dental materials for a mission trip to Chogoria, Kenya. These supplies were provided by Henry Schein Cares and ICD Global Visionary Fund.

The staff of the Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic and the Chogoria Hospital Dental Clinic and the volunteers who served with them are very grateful to Henry Schein Cares (HSC) and the ICD Global Visionary Fund (GVF) collaboration. Henry Schein Cares has agreed to donate a total of $100,000 US worth of dental equipment, technology, software and other dental products and services to GVF humanitarian projects and programs over a three-year period.

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