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New Nova Scotia Dental Association Public Campaign


For 2015, The Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA) decided to take a new direction with their oral health care promotional activities. In past campaigns, the NSDA has always focused on oral health care awareness and education, encouraging members of the public to maintain good oral hygiene, and visit their dentist regularly. For the spring 2015 campaign, the NSDA shifted their focus to showcase the great work done by the dentists of Nova Scotia in their local communities and around the world. In the words of Mr. Eliot Coles, the NSDA Manager of Communications “NSDA wanted a feel good campaign, once again promoting the trust and value of dental services, and those who work in the profession.”

The campaign focused on 2 different stories. First, the NSDA Community Fund, which began in 2007 and contributes $25,000 annually to community development projects throughout Nova Scotia. This program and its grants had not previously been widely publicized or mentioned in any NSDA promotional campaign. Second, NSDA wanted to highlight some of the great work being done by dentists in the province, and promote how fortunate their members feel to be able to help so many people throughout the province.

The spring campaign kicked off mid-March and will continue throughout April, Oral Health Month in Canada. It will include print materials, using photography of Community Fund projects around the province, and live testimonials from grant recipients in other parts of the province speaking to how the NSDA has benefited and impacted their community.

The NSDA also worked with a film crew to interview and shoot inside the Halifax’s IWK Hospital Dentistry Clinic with a goal of highlight the caring human nature of the dental profession.
Each dentist member of the IWK Dentistry team was interviewed, and asked questions about their reasons for becoming a dentist, what they find rewarding, their community outreach, their research efforts, their favourite aspects of being part of the dental profession, and how working with children brings them so much professional satisfaction.

From these interviews, the NSDA aimed to capture why so many dentists love what they do, and feel fortunate to help so many patients and families – and put it into a 30-second TV commercial to run throughout the campaign. The Association also created a 3-minute long video for web dissemination with a goal of truly representing to the public the contribution of Nova Scotia the dentists of our province.

For further information, visit the NSDA website.

Also on the NSDA site, you can see examples of the print materials associated with the Community Fund.

The radio component of the campaign can be found on the NSDA social media and YouTube channel.

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