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Remote Area Medical Volunteers Canada

Dr. Gary Samson and Dr. Ian Doyle lead a humanitarian mission to the remote areas of Guyana.

RAMV mission to the Pakaraima Mountain area of Guyana, South America.

RAMV Canada Team with 3 Dentexes:  L-R  Anne Doyle, Jefferson Robin, Dr. Ian Doyle, Jenice Francisco, Diana Pereira, Glenn Smith, Dr. Gary Samson.

RAMV Canada Team with 3 Dentexes: L-R Anne Doyle, Jefferson Robin, Dr. Ian Doyle, Jenice Francisco, Diana Pereira, Glenn Smith, Dr. Gary Samson.

Empowering the Amerindians to service the dental needs of the remote village of Paramakatoi and the surrounding villages in the Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana has been the goal of Dr. Ian Doyle since his first volunteer dental mission there in 2007.  At the request of the Guyanese government, the mission’s goal was to provide dental services to this remote area accessible only by air.  Retired dentist Dr. Gary Samson organized the mission and Dr. Ian Doyle provided the dental services and taught the local Dentexes the basic restorative procedures that were initially beyond their scope.  Besides the two dentists, the team consisted of Anne Doyle and Glenn Smith a dental technician with Sinclair Dental.

Dr. Doyle’s first mission in 2007 was primarily surgical because there was no equipment, electricity, running water or supplies available for restorative dentistry.  As a result of the previous mission, the decision was made to return to this area with portable dental units, a generator and supplies for more comprehensive dentistry.  Based on previous experiences, the goal of the 2014 mission was to train the 3 local Dentexes in the use and maintenance of a dental unit and generator that were to be left in the village of Paramakatoi so they could provide dental care for the local people.

While Dr. Doyle provided treatment and trained the Dentexes so they could provide treatment independantly, Mr. Glenn Smith taught them to clean and maintain the portable unit and hand pieces.  Anne Doyle coordinated treatment and provided oral hygiene instruction to the local school children.  Team leader, Dr. Gary Samson organized the logistics, interacted with village and local government leaders and triaged the patients during clinic time.  He also received a commitment from government to supply gas for the generator and as a backup, RAMV -USA said they would fly gas in to the village in an emergency. 

A happy patient!

A happy patient!

During the 9 days of clinics, the team provided the following treatment:  42 OHI, 41 Fluorides, 5 surgical extractions, 38 extractions, 48 sealants, 155 restorations (anterior and posterior).

The mission was supported by the International College of Dentists – Canada,  Sydney (NS) Sunrise Rotary Club, Cape Breton dentists, Henry Schein Dental and Sinclair Dental.  ICD-Canadian Section provided financial assistance through the William J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation.






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