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Speroway to El Salvador

Speroway Canada conducts volunteer humanitarian missions in poorer countries around the world.


Speroway’s recent mission to  El Salvador SperowayElSalvador2014_1265

Approximately 35% of El Salvador lives in extreme poverty with limited access to health care, clean water and education.  Children are often the most affected by the lack of dental care and caries affects their ability to eat properly. Caries related pain can prevent children from advancing at school and adults from working productively.  In El Salvador, oral health care is mainly offered by regional or central hospitals in cities.  Preventive or restorative care is less emphasized.

Recently 40 volunteer Canadian physicians, dentists and other health professionals provided health care to poor communities in El Salvador.  The Speroway team was led by Dr. Jack Cottrell.

The team saw over 6,000 patients.  The dental team provided preventive care as well as fillings, root canals and extractions.  The medical and dental teams worked in 5 communities (Santo Tomas, San Pablo Tacachico, Tepecoyo, San Jose Villanueva and Somalia).  Speroway’s volunteers worked alongside local doctors, dentists and healthcare students to build capacity and to mentor.


Funding  in part was provided by the W.J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation.

For more information, visit the Speroway blog





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