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Oasis Case Conference – management of the failed root canal treatment on 16

Mary's PicThe management of this case is provided by Dr. Mary Dabuleanu from Dabuleanu Dental

A CDA Oasis Case Conferences is a two-part presentation of a clinical case. In Part 1, we invite you to watch the short video of the case and provide comments about a possible diagnosis and treatment. You will also have the opportunity of submitting any questions you might have related to the case*. In Part 2, the case presenter shows how the case was managed and answers key questions.  

* When you submit comments and questions in conjunction with Part 1 of the case conference, they do not go live on the Oasis Discussions website. They are received and moderated by the Oasis Team . Summaries of the comments are compiled and posted in the second part of the case presentation and key questions will be forwarded to the clinical presenter for consideration.  

Revisit the Case Presentation

Case Management Presentation


Summary of Feedback 

Click here to view a summary of the feedback and comments that we received for the diagnosis of the clinical case. We would like to thank all our dentists who submitted their responses to this case.


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