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You’re invited to the NCOHR Annual Student Workshop: Enhancing Student Involvement in Oral Health Research

NCOHRThe Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR) will host the second Canadian dental student workshop: Enhancing Student Involvement in Oral Health Research. The workshop will be held at the School of Dentistry, University of Alberta on June 16 and 17, 2014. The workshop is open to graduate students and faculty members from each dental school in Canada. 
The workshop will focus on:
  • Mechanisms for networking, building collaborations, and team research
  • Enhancing the student/mentor relationship
  • Challenges faced by International students
  • Creating a better presentation
  • Career opportunities for students in Oral Health research

NCOHR plans to broadcast this workshop over the internet using Adobe Access, in order to provide access at remote sites to students and faculty who are not in attendance. This broadcast will allow anyone to view and hear the presentations in sessions of interest, as well as to provide a live forum for interactive questions and answers to the remote participants of these session. 

The following link will allow participants to access the sessions starting on Monday, June 16th, at 8am:  connect.srv.ualberta.ca/ncohr

On Tuesday, June 17th, two sessions are planned to run concurrently, and the participant can choose which session they wish to view. To view the session on “Improving your Oral Presentation and Interaction Skills”, which runs from 8:15-11:00am, the link is:  connect.srv.ualberta.ca/ncohr

To view the concurrent session, entitled  “Challenges Faced by International Students”, also runs from 8:15-11am, the link is:  connect.srv.ualberta.ca/ncohr2014.

The final session on Tuesday, June 17th from 11-12:30, namely the “Student Career Opportunities”, will again be broadcast at the link: connect.srv.ualberta.ca/ncohr

Those who wish to participate do not need any additional software, only a link to the internet. They will need to sign in with their name, and this name will indicate their remote participation in the program.

If participants experience any trouble connecting to these sites, they can email: dsupport@ualberta.ca, which will immediately connect them to UofA tech support to help them. 

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