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View From The Chairside

View from the Chairside: Sharing my experience on Oasis Discussions

By Dr. Matt Gilchrist

Dr. Matt Gilchrist is a general dentist in Charlottetown, PE. He graduated from Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry, in 2008 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Francis Xavier University (2004).  Dr. Gilchrist resides in Stratford, PE with his wife and newborn daughter.

Posting my clinical case presentation on the JCDA Oasis Discussions website has been more valuable than I could have ever imagined. 

Last week I posted a case regarding wear/erosion on a deciduous tooth and the responses have been overwhelming.  The exact etiology was unclear to my local colleagues and I; although we had some ideas, we could not narrow down a cause.  The child’s mother was quite concerned over the appearance of her son’s tooth, so in an effort to give her peace of mind that I was doing everything in my power to solve the mystery, I turned to the JCDA Oasis for help.

I have received so much feedback regarding this case.  Dentists from across the country have provided me with numerous possible causes for this tooth’s appearance.  In the end, it has reassured me that the etiology behind the wear/erosion is in fact multifactorial, and not just a simple diagnosis.  It has opened my mind to many possibilities that I had not thought of myself, and I will carry this knowledge forward to address other cases similar to this that I encounter in my career.

Most of all, the JCDA Oasis has given me confidence in my diagnosis and I can rest at night knowing that I’ve done all I can do to help give this mother an answer.  I practice on Prince Edward Island, although it is not a rural area, we lack some local dental specialties, such as pediatrics, where I could have easily referred this child for a consultation.  By submitting this question and getting these responses, I have saved this family a trip to the mainland to see such a specialist.  I encourage any practitioner out there to do what I’ve done and submit a difficult or interesting case for discussion.  The experience has been invaluable to me, and I know it will be the same for you!


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