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Are there risk factors for early childhood caries?

This summary is based on the summary review published in the Evidence-Based Dentistry journal: Early Childhood caries  (June 2013)



Early childhood caries (ECC) are prevalent and have become a public health concern.
ECC are a determinant of health status in later stages of life. 

Purpose of the Review

Assess the evidence available on ECC risk factors experienced in the first year of life as measured by mutans streptococci and taking into consideration protective factors for ECC. 


  • Factors occurring during the first year of life affect ECC experience.
  • Maternal factors influence bacterial acquisition, whereas colonisation is mediated by oral health behaviour and practices and feeding habits. 


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  1. anonymous September 11, 2013

    I believe that ‘early childhood caries’ is not a plural version just like ‘ diabetes’.
    Therefore one says ECC is prevalent, not ECC are prevalent.


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