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What is the preferred technique for taking an impression for a cast post & core?

In this short video (2:36), Dr. Bob Loney, Professor and Chair of the Dental Clinical Sciences Department at the Faculty of Dentistry, Dalhousie University, demonstrates a technique that provides a bubble-free impression that won’t distort.

Key Concepts

  • Paint the impression tray with adhesive.
  • Pack and remove retraction cord.
  • Inject light-body polyvinyl siloxane impression material all around the completed crown preparation. ensuring to capture the crown margins.
  • Squeeze some light-body material on to a pad and coat it over the length of a lentulo spiral filler on a contra-angle slow speed handpiece.
  • Place the coated lentulo spiral filler down the canal where its end touches the gutta percha remaining in the apical area.
  • Slowly back the hand piece out of the canal, keeping the lentulo spiral spinning at top speed.
  • Ensure to keep the lentulo spiral spinning at the same speed as you withdraw it from the canal, in order to ensure that there are no voids in the impression material.
  • Repeat several times until the canal is filled.
  • Place the impression tray with heavy-body material over the crown preparation and leave till set.


Watch the video


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