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When is a composite filling contraindicated?

This case is presented by Dr. Ian Furst, Coronation Dental Specialty Group

Check out “Ask Dr. Spindel”, a dentist and prolific blogger from Manhattan.

In an age of mercury-free practices Dr. Spindel tackles the question of “when is a composite filling contraindicated”.  I’m interested to see if anyone/everyone agrees with his point of view, both on patient selection and options.



  1. Brian Clark February 1, 2013

    These seem to me to be very reasonable guidelines and my own experience corroborates them.

    1. I keep thinking about the implied question in this post, “is amalgam always contraindicated?”.

  2. Bob Whyte February 1, 2013

    In treating rampant decay in children often my Fugi LC II is the main material of chice

  3. Dominic Hurst February 2, 2013

    These is sound reasoning and I follow a similar protocol. However, what we really need is a good quality randomised controlled trial to demonstrate that placing composite in these cases is indeed more likely to result in recurrent caries and to quantify that risk. If we are to deny patients who seek aesthetic restorations the option of a composite I think it more ethical to do so based on a sound risk assessment generated by a study at lower risk of bias than our own experience and biological reasoning.

    1. sorry for the delay dominic – the comment didn’t come thru on email. You’re comments will automatically be posted now. Ian.

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