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Biodentine Pulpotomies in Primary Molars

Biodentine is a tricalcium silicate-based material designed to be a permanent dentin substitute that is both bioactive and biocompatible. Although similar in composition to Mineral Trioxide (MTA), it does claim to have some distinct advantages such as a shorter setting time, high resistance to microleakage and excellent margin adaptation.

So how does Biotentine measure up when it comes to clinical and radiographic outcomes?

Dr. Bryan Wong is a Pediatric Dentist from Victoria BC and author of the recently published study Thirty-Month Outcomes of Biodentine Pulpotomies in Primary Molars: A Retrospective Review. In conversation with Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, Dr. Wong offers up his key findings in assessing the clinical and radiographic survivability of 608 teeth over a 30-month period. He highlights the benefits and varied applications of Biodentine and presents it as a safe, effective and restoratively stable option.

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Full Conversation (15.46")

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  1. VR December 14, 2020

    Thanks for this much needed info. I read the pdf. We get so much conflicting information on paedo treatments. This is good to know! I’ve used MTA and CaOH effectively as agents in a short term manor.


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