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Optimizing Communication with MDs

Communicating with busy physicians can be something of a challenge for dentists who care for patients with complex, ongoing medical conditions. But as a key part of the patient’s healthcare team, it is important that the dentist has access to a full medical history and develops a clear channel of communication with the patient’s medical team.

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe is a General Dentist and Education Director at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, where she cares for cancer patients through various stages of chemotherapy treatment.

In conversation with Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, Dr. Metcalfe addresses the challenge of narrowing down exactly what information should be included in a letter to the medical team. She stresses the importance of information gathering, and outlines some simple strategies to make it as easy as possible for the physician to know exactly what you want and how best they can respond.

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Full Conversation (11.20")

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